Polish (cantrip)

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Polish (cantrip).jpg

Polish brings luster to metal and wooden objects, making it appear new and untouched while removing chinks, scratches, grooves or other marring of the surface. This causes the material to shine with a glossy luster.

Range 10 ft.
Duration permanent
Area of Effect 1 object
Casting Time 2 action points
Saving Throw none
Level cantrip

The cantrip also removes rust or tarnishing from metal, or unnatural discolouration in wood, such as water stains; grit, oil, dust and other substances are eradicated to improve the brightness. Brass, silver, gold and mithril in particular all reflect light to a high degree.

To a small degree, a polished bladed weapon will be moderately sharper, so that it will cause +1 damage on the first hit it makes after polish is used. The experience from this hit accrues to the caster.

Broken or cracked objects cannot be repaired. In addition, though the outer surface makes the object appear undamaged, the intrinsic strength of the material, weakened through use, remains the same.

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