Raise Dead (spell)

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Raise dead restores life to dead creatures. However, the spell's limited by how long the creature has been dead, and by the number of natural hit dice the creature possesses. The creature cannot have been dead for longer than one sunset per level of the caster, and cannot have more hit dice than the caster has levels. The spell may restore any living creature of the animal kingdom, but has no influence over plants or fungi, nor can it affect the undead.

Raise Dead
Range 30 ft.
Duration permanent
Area of Effect 1 creature
Casting Time 3 rounds
Saving Throw none; see below
Level cleric (5th)

Upon being raised, the creature will be weak and helpless, requiring one full day of rest for each day the character's been dead.

Other Effects

The creature's body and condition will be in the state it was at the time of death; the spell will elminate the effects of poison, disease and wounds, but won't restore limbs or other body parts. Nor will it rid the raised creature of being cursed or other magical dweomers in place before death occurred.

There is a limit to how many times a given creature can be raised or resurrected. This number cannot be greater than the number of constitution points the character possesses. If it happens that a character has been raised so many times, that a reduction in constitution due to aging reduces the character's constitution below the number of raisings, this will be sufficient to permanently kill the character.

For example, Derek has a constitution of 12 and has been raised and resurrected a total of 12 times, altogether. However, upon turning 41 years of age, Derek's constitution falls to 11. This would be sufficient to end Derek's life, with his dying on his birthday.

Slay Living

The reverse, slay living, requires for the caster to physically touch the recipient in order to effect the spell. The result will be probable death for creatures of small ability or faculty, as the spell causes 15-30 damage (12+3d6). There is no saving throw. To succeed in the touch, the caster must hit armour class 10; note that once the spell is cast, the caster need not concentrate in order to discharge the spell.