Remove Curse (spell)

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Remove curse releases the recipient from a specific curse, whether its origin came from a spell, a malevolent entity, and enchanted items or was somehow obtained through the recipient's prior actions.

Remove Curse
Range touch
Duration permanent
Area of Effect 1 creature
Casting Time 2 rounds
Saving Throw none; see text
Level bard (2nd); cleric (3rd)

Repeated curses can be removed once per day, per individual. Where the curse is attached to an item rather than a living creature, as with a cursed sword, the dweomer is too strong for a 2nd or 3rd level spell. However, remove curse will lift the curse long enough for the afflicted individual to rid themselves of the item and its direct influence.

Unholy Spaces

Remove curse has the power to restore places where the emanation of evil has become so great that it can defy spells such as protection from malevolence, dispel magic, chant, prayer or bless. All malevolent creatures must first be killed or dispelled, whereupon the caster can begin to "reclaim" up to 100 square feet of evil per level per casting, using remove curse.


The reverse of the spell, curse, enables the caster to bestow a hex or a jinx upon other creatures. The caster must define the victim before casting the spell; this designation cannot be changed afterwards.

Once the spell is cast, it creates a powerful sense of dread in the intended target, so that the caster must roll to hit when attempting to lay his or her touch. The caster need only hit armour class 10 when making the attempt. As many attempts can be made as are needed, so long as the intended victim remains in range. Once the victim is touched, a saving throw is permitted against magic. If it fails, the curse is put in place.

Forms of Curse

The caster is empowered to bestow the following curses, all of which remain in place until the curse is removed.

Persistent tangling of ropes, bow strings, harnesses, straps or laces (by choice of the caster), whenever the victim tries to make use of them.
Fumbles occur on an attack roll of 1 or 2 on a d20, instead of only a 1, and friendly fire occurring on a 3.
Friendly fire occur on an attack roll of 2 or a 3, instead of only a 2.
Hair growth happens at three times the victim's normal rate.
Food spoils with a 1 in 6 chance per day, when carried by the character; only roll once for a single random food, with up to 3 lbs. spoiling when it occurs.
Chosen ability stat is lowered by 1-3 points.
Attack die suffers a penalty of -2 to hit.

Remove curse is able to banish any of these curses.