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Resting is a means of regaining lost hit points (h.p.) through inaction and repose, allowing the body to heal itself naturally. To restore h.p., the character must abstain from work or strenuous activity, while being placed or supported in a fairly comfortable position. Healing through rest cannot occur if the character cannot be kept warm; a blanket is also essential, either to lay upon (if resting on a stone surface) or to be covered by. This comfort must be maintained for 24 hours or else no healing can take place.

The character cannot walk a distance of more than 200 paces throughout the day. The character is allowed to cast healing spells, but may not cast any other spell. Nor is the character permitted to memorize a spell, which is considered strenuous mental work. Characters may meditate or contemplate, according to the description of these sage abilities.

Gained h.p. equals 1 h.p. per day of rest, per level. For example, a 5th level character would gain 5 h.p. per day of rest.

Rest may be aided by others who possess the ability. Necrotic damage cannot be healed through rest.

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