Reversed Cantrips

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Cantrip Range Duration Area of effect Casting Save Description
Break 10 ft. Permanent 1 object 2 AP none Breaks a glass or ceramic object
Curdle 10 ft. Permanent 1 quart 2 AP none Ruins beverages, potions and other liquids
Dirty 10 ft. Permanent 4 cub.yd. 2 AP none Grimes surfaces, reduces likeability
Dusty 10 ft. Permanent 10 ft. radius 2 AP none* Grits mechanisms, may cause sneezing
Hairy 10 ft. Permanent 1 creature 2 AP negates Causes hair to grow; will frighten creatures
Sour 10 ft. Permanent 1 quart 2 AP negates Makes milk sour or transforms wine
Spill 20 ft. Permanent 1 container 2 AP negates Upsets containers to spill their contents
Tangle 1 cub. yd. Permanent 1 object 2 AP negates Knots, twists and tangles thin objects
Unravel 20 ft. Permanent 1 object 2 AP negates Separates woven cloth and stitching
Wilt 10 ft. Permanent 1 cub.ft. 2 AP negates Causes living plant life to wither and die

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