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A sage field is a large sphere of knowledge related to a particular discourse, practice or interest. Extensive knowledge of a given field becomes available to both player and non-player levelled characters as they gain experience. Those with much experience can become fairly versatile in more than one field, though this is usually limited to characters reaching 7th level or higher.

Fields are subdivided into sage studies, within which characters may become very proficient. Once a trained character becomes 1st level, they will have been taught a specific study, which in turn defines the character's specific field. Thereafter, knowledge that a character has is usually defined as being "in field" or "out of field." These designations determine how much new knowledge a character may acquire once having increased in level.

Below is a list of fields, including the character classes able to acquire knowledge in those fields. Note that while assassins, fighters, paladins and rangers all have "animal training" as a field, the form possessed by assassins is less extensive.