Scrying Water (spell)

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Scrying water causes the reflective surface of a basin to function like a crystal ball, so that events taking place elsewhere in the world can be seen and heard by the caster. The reservoir of water cannot be less than 12 inches, nor more than 4 feet in diameter; nor can it be greater than 12 inches deep. Moreover, the water must be contained in a crafted vessel made to hold water. Thus, for instance, a large puddle, even in a cobbled road, won't serve for the spell, as it wasn't meant to hold water, but to drain it.

Scrying Water
Range touch
Duration 6 rounds per level
Area of Effect 5 ft. circle
Casting Time 3 rounds
Saving Throw none
Level cleric (5th)

Once the spell is discharged, the caster can see events taking place at any distance, and even to places in other planes of existence. However, he or she must possess knowledge either of the place to be scryed, or of one of the viewed participants. The scene will always be depicted from a distance of about 10 ft., with complete hearing of everything within a range of 30 ft. quite clearly. This includes things which may not be revealed visually.

Others may also see what's depicted by the water's surface, but only if they are of the same religion as the caster.