Sea Life (sage study)

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Sea life is a sage study in the field of Animal Life, examining marine creatures and animals dwelling in both salt and fresh water environments, characterized by their ability to swim and breathe underwater. Knowledge of sea life includes most forms of underwater creature, including giants and humanoids such as locathah, mermen, sahuagin, tritons and so on.

Initial knowledge points must be assigned by choice to the specific order of sea life to be studied. There are three orders:

  • Crustaceans & Gastropods: clams, crabs, crayfish, leviathans, lobsters, muscles, octopus, oysters, shrimp, slugs, snails, squid
  • Fish: bony fish, gars, lampreys, rays, sea dragons, sea horses, sharks
  • Sea Mammals: dolphins, elephant seals, hippocampus, manatees, porpoises, sea cows, sea lions, walruses, whales

Note that amphibians or reptiles are not included in this knowledge study. Examples for the above orders are not complete.

Each time the character rolls for more knowledge points in this study, the new roll may be applied to a different order from that already chosen. The character has no meaningful knowledge whatsoever of any sea life order outside their assigned knowledge points.

Sage Abilities

The sage abilities below are those acquired by a character through the study, according to status.

Amateur Status

  • Identify Sea Life: knowledge of creatures within the chosen sea life order and the dangers they present.
  • Predict Emergence: foretells the impending appearance of a creature swimming up through the water, about to break the surface.
  • Swimming: provides the character with the basic ability to swim.

Authority Status

  • Free-diving: empowers the character with the ability to hold his or her breath, enabling deep dives.

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