Speak with Plants (spell)

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Speak with plants empowers the caster with the ability to communicate with living plants of any level of intelligence. By means of the spell, the caster's able to ask questions, recieve knowledge and — if the plant has self-awareness, convey a sense of mutual trust.

Speak with Plants
Range self
Duration 10 rounds per level
Area of Effect 30 ft. circle
Casting Time 2 rounds
Saving Throw none
Level cleric (4th); druid (4th)

The caster may only learn what the plant knows — which may be very little, depending on the plant's location, height, age and ability to see beyond the direct foliage that is it's habitat. The plant cannot volunteer information, but will provide honest, generous answers to general questions. Moving plants will know more than rooted ones, and intelligent plants will know more than unintelligent.


If asked to perform a service, such as to separate its branches to allow passage, to stoop and help the caster climb, or to carry the caster for a distance enabled by the spell's duration — along with other possible favours — the plant will do so. However, the plant won't risk itself, or go anywhere obviously dangerous without incentive, or fight for the character. It's possible that over a period of time, the caster could build a give-and-take relationship with a specific plant, so that the latter becomes one of the character's followers.