Spiritual Hammer (spell)

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Spiritual Hammer.jpg

Spiritual hammer creates a magical warhammer which the caster can wield in hand-to-hand melee, or use to strike at a distance. Attacks must be made within the spell range.

Spiritual Hammer
Range self
Duration 1 round per level; see text
Area of Effect 30 ft.
Casting Time 1 round
Saving Throw none
Level cleric (2nd)

When "throwing" the warhammer, the caster directs the weapon mentally, and therefore cannot take another action at the same time. This requires 2 action points, just as any other attack. The hammer cannot be "thrown" more quickly by a caster with multiple attacks per round, but multiple attacks do apply if the hammer is used in melee.

Use of the hammer can be suspended at will, in which case the warhammer will float invisibly within the caster's grasp or remain held in his or her hand. The spell's duration describes the number of rounds the hammer can be used to attack ... but if it's not used, the magic remains in place for a full hour after discharging, enabling the caster to make use of it later.


When thrown, the warhammer doesn't receive benefits from attacks to the flank or rear. It does when used hand-to-hand. For every two levels above 3rd, i.e. at 5th, 7th and 9th, the hammer acquires a +1 bonus to hit. A 13th level hammer would gain the maximum bonus from this benefit: +5 to hit. The bonus ceases to increase after 13th level.

When used in melee, the spiritual hammer also retains the caster's normal bonuses to hit and damage from strength. Dexterity bonuses don't apply when the hammer is thrown.