Spiritual Hammer (spell)

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Spiritual Hammer.jpg
Spiritual Hammer
Range self
Duration 1 round per level; see below
Area of Effect 30 ft.
Casting Time 1 round
Saving Throw none
Level cleric (2nd)

Creates a magical hammer which the caster can wield in hand-to-hand melee, or used to strike at a distance. Attacks must be made within the spell range.

The hammer may attack any creature within the spell's range. The caster must direct the hammer, and therefore cannot take another action simultaneously. However, use of the hammer can be suspended at will; the spell duration refers to the number of rounds the hammer can be used, so if it not used in a given round, the magic remains in effect. The spell will not lapse until a full hour has passed after casting.


The hammer does not receive benefits from attacks to the flank or rear. In all cases, the bonus to hit remains the same. If the spell is acquired early, at 3rd or 4th level, there are no bonuses. However, for every two levels above 3rd, the hammer gains a +1 to hit bonus. At 5th level, the hammer is +1; at 7th, it is +2; at 9th it is +3. This continues until the hammer gains a maximum bonus of +5 to hit.

If the spiritual hammer is "held," the caster's normal strength bonuses also apply to hit and damage. This does not apply if the hammer is used to strike at a distance.

Multiple Hammers

At 9th level, the caster is able to conjure two spiritual hammers; and at 15th level, three. The bonus that would be received for one hammer must be distributed among the hammers used. For example, the +3 bonus that a 9th level cleric gains could be split, so that the first hammer received +2 to hit and the second hammer, +1. One of these can be held by the caster while the other attacks at a distance.