Sticks to Snakes (spell)

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Sticks to snakes transforms twigs, branches, torches, spears and so on into poisonous snakes, which thereafter obey the commands of the caster. This includes similar items in the possession of others, so long as they're within the spell's range. Magical items cannot be turned into snakes.

Sticks to Snakes
Range 30 ft.
Duration 3 rounds per level
Area of Effect 1 stick per level
Casting Time 2 rounds
Saving Throw none; see text
Level cleric (4th); druid (5th)

The object must be made primarily of wood and be "stick-like," or no thicker than 1 inch per 18 inches of length. The spell doesn't affect objects smaller than 18 inches. Wooden parts of living plants are exempt also. The caster may, of course, supply his or her own bundle of sticks.

If a stick in the possession of an enemy is transformed, the effect surprises the carrier with a 3 in 6 chance. If this succeeds, the "snake" attacks with +4 to hit before it can be dropped or knocked away, if it should slither out of the enemy's backpack or some other place.


Once transformed, the "snakes" are able to move three hexes a round and attack as 1 hit dice creatures. Each has 4 hit points. Hardened scales give them an armour class of 4. When a snake hits, it only causes 1-2 damage, but it delivers a toxic venom as it bites. This causes 8 damage to those who fail to save vs. poison. A successful save reduces this damage to 1 point.

Snakes to Sticks

The reverse of the spell merely transforms existing snakes into sticks — though each creature is allowed a saving throw vs. magic. When the spell's duration ends, the sticks revert to normal. Up to 1 hit die of snake per level can be transformed in this manner.