Stone Golem

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Stone Golem
Species construct
No. Appearing 1
Behaviour servant
Range rural, subterranean, urban
Size 9 ft. 6 in. tall
Weight 1,869 lbs.
Intelligence 0
Armour Class 1
Hit Dice 7+4
Action Points 4
Max. Stride 7
THAC0 17
Hp/Die d12
Attack Forms fist
Damage 4–32
Special Attacks +2 weapon to hit, natural immunities,
slow, strength (21)

Stone golems are constructed animated beings created from stone, most commonly granite. The method of their creation is detailed under the sage study, golems. As with any golem, the builder has some agenda for making the creature, often as protection, a weapon for waging war, to provide security — and possibly as a malevolent tool for wreaking havoc upon the creator's enemies.

Stone Golem.jpg


Stone golems built of other types of stone, such as marble, limestone or varying metal ores, will weigh less than the number given, as these materials are less dense than granite. The stone golem moves in a halting manner, compensated for by the creature's height. It's head and hands are out of proportion with the rest of its body, with the head being far too small and the arms actually being larger than it's legs. The creature will usually move upon all four limbs — when running, it will dig with its hands and hurl its legs between its arms in a slow, loping gallop. It's only able to strike with one hand per round.


Being made of solid stone, these golems are naturally immune to cold, fire, lightning and other similar spell attacks. They can be affected by some forms of acid. They have no consciousness of their own and cannot be affected by sleep or charm. They don't breathe, and therefore cannot be affected by gas or most breath weapons. Obviously, they are impervious to petrification. Because they can only be hit by +2 magical weapons, any magical forms of damage must include a +2 benefit to hit (such as shillelagh, Melf's arrow at higher levels). Magic missile cannot cause damage to them. These combined immunities make the stone golem difficult to attack.

However, golems are vulnerable to disintegration. Spells such as stone to flesh, rock to mud or stone shape will cause 1d6 damage per level of the caster, but cannot transform or reshape the stone golem, despite the spell description.

Creatures coming within 20 ft. of the stone golem will be slowed, as the 3rd level mage spell. Although the creature possesses a 21 strength, it does not receive to hit or damage bonuses. The strength is notable only with regards to how much physical force it can apply towards encumbrance or structural damage.


Stone golems have no intelligence at all and must be given direct orders. To do so, the creator must be within 60 ft. of the golem — and must be capable of shouting if the creature is further than 30 ft. away. The golem can be ordered to "attack" (the golem will understand the creator's wishes as regards to whom or what), "stop," "protect" or "rampage." Protect orders the golem to destroy or eject any creature other than the creator from entering a 30 ft. diameter circle of the creator's choosing. Rampage will cause the creature to attack multiple targets until it's told to stop. The golem can also be ordered to "go there," if the creator wants to send it to a specific place. Once there, or if it's told to stop, the golem will wait until it's given another order by its creator.

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