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Symbol enables the caster to inscribe a glyph into the air, which in turn strikes outwards at every creature within the area of effect immediately upon discharge. The power of the symbol is etched into every consciousness instantly, slashing through mind, body and being, depending on the sort of glyph inscribed.

Range 5 ft.
Duration 1 round/level
Area of Effect 40 ft. diameter circle
Casting Time 2 rounds
Saving Throw negates
Level cleric (7th)

There is a saving throw against magic for each; however, even if a save is made, some effect is still felt by the recipients. This, too, depends on the symbol; each of these are described below:

Death: all creatures, friend or foe — excepting the caster — is allowed a saving throw against death; a failure will eliminate all hit points (h.p.), including 10 points below zero. The dead are therefore considered to be at -10 where the spell death's door is concerned. Those who save still lose half their total h.p. on hand; thus a character with 62 h.p. out of a possible 75 would be reduced to 31. In addition, regardless of how many h.p. are lost, all characters within the effect of the death symbol are stunned for a full round. Creatures of the same religion as the caster are given a +4 saving throw bonus. The effect happens at once, though the symbol will remain in the air and affect anyone who enters the area of effect likewise for the spell's duration.

Discord: all creatures, friend or foe, will take to fighting at random any creature to the left, front or behind, turning around if no immediate target is evident. The caster is immune to the effect, but may be among those attacked. Those who save vs. the symbol may still need to defend themselves against an ally or friend, but the decision can be made not to attack or to flee the melee if possible. The fighting will go on for spell's duration, whereupon those affected will cease to fight their own.

Fear: those not of the caster's religion will suddenly become terrified if they fail to make save vs. fear. Those affected will run directly away from the caster for the spell's duration at the fastest possible speed. Those who make save will nevertheless give 3 combat hexes of ground in awe of the caster, and thereafter make a morale check before entering any form of combat.

Hopelessness: those not of the caster's religion will feel an intense sense of despair, causing them to drop their weapons, strip off their armour and bewail their mortifying dread of the future. This will cause the loss of one point of armour class per 5 rounds of the spell's duration. If a character with the proselytise ability calls out and promises redemption at this time, every affected creature that fails to make a second saving throw will make an immediate and permanent change to the proselytiser's religion, and will accept immersion in the new faith at the earliest opportunity. Those who make save will feel an enormous sense of pity and empathy for the suffering, and will thus be unable to take any aggressive action whatsoever.

Pain: those not of the caster's religion will be struck with an intensive, enduring agony, rendering them incapacitated but conscious for the duration of the spell. For those who fail to save, no hit points are lost, but every ability stat will be reduced to a maximum of 7 points — these will be gained back at the end of the spell's duration at a rate of 1 point per round, until returning to normal. Due to this pain, the affected will be willing to make a temporary peace for that day, while seeking a lasting mutual treaty with the caster's allies and associates. Those who make save will feel a stinging, arresting sensation like a numb part of the body restoring itself; they will feel compelled to sheath their weapons and give 3 hexes of ground; they will be able to speak and plead on behalf of their fellows.