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Need images for 2nd-level spells. Will have time this evening to browse.

I'm falling hopelessly behind the number of pages being created. Images and everything else will come in time. Please use "ft." instead of the symbol ' to denote feet. Same rule for inches.
Curious about categories: I noticed you listed "Clerical Spells" as a category, so I copied the format and added "Bardic," "Druidic" and "Mage." However, these pages don't exist. Do you want me to continue with this approach and/or should I set up those pages? I figure they'd be similar to an index, just listing all spells (within that category) alphabetically.
Probably best if you let me handle the Indexing pages, particularly if you don't see them on the old wiki.

Please do not use ticks for expressing feet. Please use "ft." instead.--Tao alexis (talk) 18:39, 17 February 2020 (UTC)