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The Adventure describes ongoing circumstances that arise during the campaign, related not only to the narrative and the defeating of monsters, but also to the lives of characters outside moments of danger and intrigue. The subject material includes managing the environment, moving and travelling through the setting, mastering tools and equipment, gaining allies, becoming rich and gathering materials and the inconsequentials necessary to increase the power, prestige and security of the player characters.

Everyday life, especially for characters embarking on daily adventures, has potentially endless details that need to be established in game terms. Thus there are many objects and places describe in the links below that suggest nothing more than places in the setting. Desirably, the DM should find some means of incorporating these commonplace things into the campaign, to give the characters a sense of "grounding" with regards to the scenes that surround them. As time goes on, more and more things can be added to our lists, which are virtually endless, since any object or ideal may be elaborated upon for game purposes.

While adventurers are bold enough to undertake most anything, it's hoped that the list also provides notions in the player's thoughts for greater adventures than merely equipping themselves for one dungeon after another. Purchasing property, establishing themselves as members of a community, attaining followers, retainers and other allies, facing the struggles of having to live in an oppressive game world can also offer challenges and troubles that need to be solved.

The game world is a buffet, for players to invest themselves into ... thus it remains to outline and detail as much information as possible, so that DMs may be equipped to handle any situation that might arise.