Unseen Servant (spell)

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Unseen servant conjures a magical lackey whose presence is unerringly ignored by most creatures, except those the caster designates. Only creatures from another plane of existence will recognize the servant for what it is — and can dispel the dweomer by causing it a single hit point of damage. Most earthly creatures, however, won't give the servant a second thought, even if the servant is holding a light source that enables those creatures to see.

Unseen Servant
Range 60 ft.
Duration 2 hours +1 per level
Area of Effect 1 servant
Casting Time 1 round
Saving Throw none
Level mage (1st)


This servant is able to perform menial labours of all kinds, from cleaning to carrying equipment, holding a torch or lantern, fetching items from any location or from the ground, opening doors, cleaning, cooking, gathering wood or water, burying a fire, binding wounds, setting up camp, taking a camp down, walking an animal and so on. All of these things are done proficiently, though without any skill. When searching a back pack or a saddle bag, the unseen servant always knows instantly where something is, so this always takes the minimum amount of time.

The servant has a limited carrying capacity of only 20 lbs. Therefore, it cannot pick up any person and carry him or her elsewhere. It's strong enough to drag a creature up to 80 lbs. for a distance of 1 combat hex per round, if need be.


An unseen servant has 5 action points (AP) for the purpose of defining what it can do in a single round. However, none of these action points are needed for movement. The servant can move anywhere within the spell's range instantaneously; points are only needed to limit what it actually does.

For example, if a dagger were lying 35 ft. from the caster, the unseen servant could pop out to it and "draw" the weapon from the ground (1 AP), return to the caster and pass it over (1 AP) and still have time to pop to someplace else to search a back pack (3 AP).


The servant cannot fight or defend itself; therefore, an enemy has a +6 bonus to hit an unseen servant. When active on amid a melee, it's location must be indicated; other creatures can enter it's hex unimpeded, whereupon the servant is immediately re-located to the nearest empty hex.