Useful Cantrips

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Cantrip Range Duration Area of Effect Casting Save Description
chill 10 ft. 10 rounds 1 cubic ft. 2 AP none chills objects 30 degrees; may freeze water
clean 10 ft. permanent 4 cubic yards 2 AP none cleans surfaces, increases likability
colour touch permanent 1 object 2 AP none changes colour of an object or creature
dampen 10 ft. until evaporated 1 cubic yard 2 AP none dampens area so as to have varied effects
dry 10 ft. until moistened 1 cubic yard 2 AP none dries area so as to have varied effects
dust 10 ft. permanent* 10 ft. radius sphere 2 AP none removes dust and traces of movement
exterminate 10 ft permanent 1 creature 2 AP none instantly kills small creatures with 1 hp
flavour touch 1 hour 1 qt. or 1 lb. 2 AP none* improves morale, conceals poison/food rot
freshen 10 ft. 1 hour 1 cub.yd. or 1 creature 2 AP none masks odour and the effects of noxious smells
gather 10 ft. permanent 5 ft. circle 2 AP none pulls together small objects into a pile
polish touch permanent* 1 object 2 AP none restores and brings lustre to metal/wood
salt 10 ft. permanent 1 cub.ft. per level 2 AP none infuses substances with salt
sprout 10 ft. permanent 1 sq. yard 2 AP none causes vegetables and fruit to grow
stitch 10 ft. permanent up to 2 objects 2 AP none restores cloth, binds together fibres
tie 10 ft. permanent permanent* 2 AP none* ties a flexible strand to a given object
warm 10 ft. 10 rounds 1 cub.ft. 2 AP none warms objects 30 degrees, may melt ice
wrap 10 ft. 1 week 4 lb. 2 AP none wraps objects for easy storage

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