Ventriloquism (spell)

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Ventriloquism enables the caster to make is seem as though his or her voice is emanating from a location elsewhere, within the spell's range. The voice can be clearly understood, is distinctly not that of the caster and can be made to happen without requiring the caster's physical contribution.

Range 10 ft. per level
Duration 4 rounds + 1 per level
Area of Effect 1 false source
Casting Time 1 round
Saving Throw none
Level bard (1st); illusionist (2nd);
mage (1st)

In effect, the caster imagines what's vocalised — and the sound emerges at a speed of about 5 words per round. Meanwhile, the caster may take whatever other action he or she wishes, while the "thrown" voice continues to speak. The timbre and quality of the voice cannot be altered; it will emerge naturally, at a slightly higher pitch than the caster's and with a moderate hollow quality; yet it's authenticity as a spoken voice won't be questioned.

Ventriloquism's potential for creating a distraction depends on its use by the player. A well-considered circumstance, where the voice could represent an unseen person just behind a door, or much nearer the listener than the actual character, could substantially increase the character's chance of circumventing the listener's attention, or achieving surprise. The DM must use good sense in deciding how practical the player's words and plans are in this regard.