Water Walk (spell)

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Water walk enables the caster to step onto the surface of a natural body of water and move across it as though it were firm ground. The tumbling surface of the sea or a river has no effect on the recipient, who's able to move as they will in any direction across the water with equal ease. However, whatever the wind might be, it will affect the character walking on water the same as it would anywhere else.

Water Walk
Range touch
Duration 10 rounds +10 rounds
per level
Area of Effect 1 creature +1 creature
per 2 levels
Casting Time 2 rounds
Saving Throw none; see below
Level cleric (3rd)

Thus, storms and gales can make forward travel against the wind quite difficult, affecting the character's footing just as it would anywhere else. If a recipient slips or falls, however, they will come to rest on the surface of the water — since the character didn't actually wish to end the spell. Without special trouble, they can rise to their feet and continue on, providing the wind permits.

However, If the recipient wishes to enter the water, this can be done at any time. The character simply chooses a place in the water they'd like to enter, then jumps or dives in. At that moment, the spell is broken

The spell requires the recipient to be a believer of the caster's faith, else the spell fails.