Word of Recall (spell)

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Word of Recall enables the caster to return immediately to a designated "sanctuary" upon the pronouncement of a single word, comprising both the casting and discharge of the spell. All the caster is carrying, plus any other creature with whom the caster is in physical flesh-to-flesh comtact, may be transported as well ... provided this doesn't exceed the caster's area of effect.

Word of Recall
Range self
Duration instantaneous
Area of Effect self & 25 lbs. per level
Casting Time 1 action point
Saving Throw none
Level cleric (6th)

Any miscalculation prioritizes the caster's equipment, then what creatures are intended for transport, then the creature's equipment, if any. Magic is prioritized first, and valuable items favoured over those less valuable.

The caster must designate a "sanctuary" to be reached through teleport; this can be done only once in the caster's existence. When designating the sanctuary, the caster must be physically in that location. It's usually best to choose a place that is safe all the time, that possesses other protections ... in case, for whatever reason, the sanctuary might be somehow compromised or the caster followed there after pronouncement of the spell.

The caster's distance from this sanctuary is irrelevant; there is never any fail with regards to teleportation, as the caster will be returned to exact spot where he or she was, when the sanctuary was designated.