Wyvern Watch (spell)

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Wyvern Watch
Range 30 ft.
Duration 8 hours; see below
Area of Effect 5 ft. diameter sphere; see below
Casting Time 1 round
Saving Throw none
Level cleric (2nd)

Creates an insubstantial wyvern-like form which acts as a defense against any creature entering any combat hex adjacent to a 5 ft. circle designated by the caster.

If provoked, the "wyvern" will strike — its chance to hit is as the caster, and it must hit only armour class 10 (attacking as a 2 hit dice creature). Any hit creature must save vs. spell or be paralysed for one round per level of the caster. This action does not cause the wyvern to be dispelled.

The wyvern may only attack one opponent each round.

Thus, the wyvern may attack again and again for the duration of the spell. The caster may even stand in the same hex as the wyvern, using the wyvern’s attacks to fight off defenders.

Only others of the caster's religion, who are also designated by the cleric, may enter without being attacked by the wyvern.

At night or in underground conditions, the wyvern is 90% undetectable, even in torch or lantern light. Infravision will also not detect it; however, it will be perfectly evident with ultravision. A thief will detect the wyvern as a trap, and a light spell will reveal it.