Armour (spell)

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Armour conjures a suit of invisible magical armour that surrounds the recipient. The spell creates an armour class (AC) equal to wearing leather armour — that is, "AC 8." In addition, damage that would normally befall the recipient is instead absorbed by the armour. When the armour has taken 1d8 +1 hit points (h.p.) per level of the caster, the armour is destroyed and the dweomer ends.

Range touch
Duration sunrise or until destroyed
Area of Effect 1 creature
Casting Time 1 round
Saving Throw none
Level mage (1st)

Misses against the recipient's AC don't cause damage to the armour; only hits are applied. When the armour is mopping up damage, for as long as it survives, the dweomer protects the recipient from being stunned. However, if an amount of damage is caused that supercedes the capacity of the armour to protect, then additional damage will accrue to the recipient. For example, Franklin's armour has 4 damage left that it can sustain. Franklin's h.p. are 12 h.p. With the next round, Franklin takes 7 points of damage, destroying the armour; Franklin takes the remaining 3 damage to himself. Because this is one-quarter of Franklin's h.p., Franklin is also stunned by the hit.

Used Jointly with other Protection

Benefits of the spell don't increase the effects of other armour. If Franklin is already wearing leather armour, then his AC would still be "8." If he wore chain mail, the chain mail's AC applies.

The spell's AC can be improved by magic protections such as cloaks or rings, which give bonuses. Additional, the recipient's dexterity will also improve AC.


Regardless of the time of day when the spell is cast, the magic will end with the rising sun, whether or not the recipient is able to witness it. This is true whether the effect is created 14 hours before sunrise or 1 minute before.

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