Embla Strand

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Born in Golnow, Further Pomerania, Embla is the youngest of three siblings. She has many stories of being pulled into their mischief, but does not often talk of her parents. She also does not talk about why she traveled so far from her homeland to such a remote place as Stavanger.
She grew into an imposing woman with both an appetite and an aptitude for slaughter, who now proudly wields an enchanted battleaxe linked to the Oxenstierna family, a gift in appreciation of her earlier exploits.


Embla Strand Abilities Saving Throws
half-orc assassin level 4 Str 17, Int 14, Wis 12, Con 18, Dex 12, Cha 9 Poison 13, Paralyze 12, Polymorph 14, Rod 14, Breath 16, Magic 15

THAC0 AC Health Point Maximum
18 7 44

Gear (5AP)

Right Hand Left Hand
javelin +1 battle-axe

Iron helmet, shirt, loin cloth, breeches, studded leather armor, belt, large belt pouch, high hard boots, thieves pick, leather thong, +1 battle-axe

Backpack (4AP)

Coins, 4 pints lamp oil, bullseye lantern, flint, javelin, knife, curious ring, 20lbs food

Sage Abilities

Animal Training
Camelback Riding 5
Dog Training 5
Falconry 8
Flying Mounts 9
Horseback Riding 6
Guile 3
Jack of All Trades 6
Murder 8
Poisoning 5
Mastery of Arms
Balance 5
Puissance 6
Unarmed Combat 3
Backstabbing 10
Empowerment 17
Heightened Senses 16
Setting Traps 15
Sure-footedness* 33
Background Bonus
Logistics 21

Weapon Proficiencies

Javelin, Club, Battle-axe


Farmer: can sow crops, +1 to STR checks outdoors
Enjoys acting in strange environments; add +1 damage when using spears and javelins
Character saves vs magic at one level higher
Character possessed of a very strong resistance against fatigue and the trials of wilderness travel - reduce wilderness damage by 2hp per week
Character has +10% ability to climb walls
Character has attractively straight teeth and also has an awkward frame
All hirelings in the character's party improve their morale by 2 if the character is within 20ft

Followers and Hirelings

Willa the archer.
Presently above-ground, waiting for Embla's return.
Health Points 8/8
Morale 7, +1 when asked to do something by Embla
Upkeep 5.4 gp/mo

Level 0, 157/1000xp