Flaming Sphere (spell)

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Flaming sphere conjures a floating globe of normal fire from the size of a orange up to one foot in diameter, capable of damaging or setting alight objects which it touches. The sphere is also capable of causing 2-8 damage to creatures it touches. There is a definite heat that emits from the sphere and creatures will automatically move to a distance of two hexes away if they're able — breaking off attacks if need be.

Flaming Sphere
Range 10 +5 ft. per level
Duration 1 round per level
Area of Effect 1 ft. diameter sphere; special
Casting Time 1 round
Saving Throw items must save vs. normal fire
Level mage (2nd)

The caster and other allies aren't immune to the effects of the sphere, except that the caster does not fear the sphere and can move adjacent to it, or even into the same hex. If he or she is touched, however, or falls into the sphere, the same damage results.


The caster can make the sphere move in any direction a distance of only one hex with an expenditure of 1 action point (AP). The sphere can be cast directly into an enemy hex, causing damage when it does — but thereafter it may be difficult within the time duration to find another opportunity to cause damage to another creature that isn't either stunned or trapped. If the ball isn't directed in a given round, it floats in place.

The sphere can move in any direction vertically or horizontally for the spell's duration.

Effect on Objects

Anything the sphere touches must make an item saving throw vs. normal fire. While flammable objects like paper, thin wood or fabric will catch fire if they fail save, even hard non-flammable things may be affected. For example, porcelain and pottery cracks, glass breaks and thick wooden objects char and blacken.