Improved Invisibility (spell)

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Improved Invisibility is similar to the 2nd level spell invisibility, in that it allows the caster to cause a single creature to vanish completely from sight, including all equipment the individual carries or wears.

Improved Invisibility
Range touch
Duration 4 rounds +1 round/level
Area of Effect 1 creature
Casting Time 2 rounds
Saving Throw none
Level illusionist (4th)

However, unlike invisibility, the spell is not broken if the affected creature takes any kind of action, aggressive or otherwise. The invisible creature may make sound, adjust objects or attack persons at will.

However, it must be noted that where individuals are directly attacked by those affected by improved invisibility, the invisible person will become marginally visible for a period of one round. In such cases, the invisible creature will shimmer translucently, and for that one round (the enemies’ move after the attack has been made) can be attacked at –2 to hit. The invisible creature will, however, revert to full invisibility if they do not continue to attack.

Area effect spells are particularly effective against invisible persons, and the spell does not offer any improved defense in such cases. However, in any spell that targets its opponent by sight, the invisible person is always entitled to a saving throw against magic (even if the spell would not normally offer one, such as magic missile), and that saving throw is given a +2 modifier.

Detect invisibility or detect illusion will still detect a creature affected by improved invisibility.

Once made aware of the presence of an invisible creature (that has remained completely invisible), opponents may attempt to hit if within reach (and if they have identified the correct hex to attack, with a –4 adjustment to their ‘to hit’ die; those firing missiles at an invisible target suffer a –8 penalty to hit.

Creatures cannot be made invisible against their will.