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Continued from Aftermath Goblin Camp

Alexis: So. I didn't get map made because I put it off to Sunday, which turned out to be Valentine's Day; Tamara and I don't celebrate it, but she decided to change that yesterday so she had plans for me, which were lovely. So today I'm utterly unprepared; and I have two new characters to introduce, if we can find a way to get them onto the wiki. They were sent invitations yesterday, but they need to remember to come here and not the blog, and I have no idea what they know about writing on a wiki. We'll see how much help they need.

I need to work out their backgrounds today, so first off I'll be doing that instead of making the dungeon. On the latter, I believe I'm going to put together a basic plan and then build it as we go. I'd rather not design a professional-looking map, as that will take time from my poster, which is the priority (sorry). But, I should get enough detail sketched out to let you make rational decisions about where your characters go. Today is going to be an accounting day, so if you have any questions about that, it's a good day to ask.

Vafrandir: Very good. Excited to meet them!

Alexis: Here's the first character's background: Lexent Povarov is a male gnomish cleric.


Alexis: Well, that's just great. The moment I get the player's character set up, he fucks off. Rhonwen will not be joining us in this campaign.

Lexent I am here.

Lexent: Is there a more natural way to post than just adding to the bottom of the page in edit mode and just adding the special formatting characters?

This is the best way. The only way a wiki works is special formatting. You get used to it. You can set up a signature. Vafrandir is better at explaining that than I am.
Lexent: No problem, just checking. I'll be working on my character page shortly.

Alexis: regarding your presence; you only need to write "In." when you're here and "Out." if you're not going to be checking the page every 20 minutes. You don't have to explain why you're out; I'll just make the game work around you being here and not. You can go to the "recent changes" on the side bar, and you'll see a button for tracking "Live updates". You can also mentally keep track of the number of changes on the recent changes page, for each wiki page, to recognize when something is new.

If you post, and get a conflict, go back TWICE, and you'll find your failed post at the bottom of the page. You can copy that, back out one more time and then paste your comment. This happens occasionally but it isn't too onerous. I suffer most from this, I think, because I type the most.

Alexis: Lexent, are you familiar with what's going on? Also, I have to send you a copy of the Stavanger market page, so you can buy equipment. Sorry, I forgot about that.

Pandred: I see on the image you posted that he's a Gnome Fighter, rather than Cleric. That'll affect at least his age, right?

Alexis: Good catch. Let me fix that.
Lexent: Good eyes. I was curious about the age, it seemed quite tough to have completed seminary.
Lexent, you'll see that I've changed the image. You're 49 now, and I have adjusted your ability stats away from being a youth to being middle aged; this adjusts your wisdom to 17. Thank you Pandred.

Lexent: Yes, I'm familiar with the current happenings in the campaign, although I'm curious as to how a gnome from Vepses has ended up in Stavanger, Treborg, or a goblin encampment just outside of that.

Alexis: I can invent that easily; your mentor as a boy was invited to Narwa to teach there, and asked you along. That took you down river from Lake Ladoga upon the Baltic Sea. There you found a gnomish community living in the market town, which had a priest there who led you into the seminary (whichever religion you like, including the gnomish pantheon). Following that, you worked as a chandler for some years, then finding a place as a substitute temple leader. You were then asked to be part of an embassy to gnomish lands in the west, specifically Lenglin and Nanbrun. Lenglin is just west of where you are, in central south Norway, and Nanbrun is to the north. The other gnome in the party, Marcule, is from Nanbrun. During the embassy you earned the favour mentioned from the Lord of Buskrud. Finding the lands here interesting, when the embassy was done you elected to stay. Having once met Marcule, you decided to look him up in Stavanger, where you knew he was. You learned he had headed north to Treborg, where you went. And upon arriving, that he was in the mountains to the east. Thus, here you are.

Vafrandir: I've had some success with a Chrome extension called Visualping. It leaves a bit to be desired but it gives me a ping when the Recent Changes page changes.

Lexent: Thank you, Alexis. That is what I needed. That being the case, I will follow the gnomish pantheon.

Alexis: That's fine: but be advised that many helpful clerical spells require to recipient to be of the same religion as the cleric. On the cleric 1st level spells, for instance, that's the meaning of the "believer" column. Bless, combine, magic stone (which can be made by the cleric and thrown by others), protection from malevolence and sanctuary all require the recipient to believe in the cleric's religion.

The DM: Okay, tomorrow we'll return to the campaign, on a new page. I haven't worked on the poster since yesterday morning, so I'm going to work on that tonight; I'll squeeze in some time to start a layout for the Great Hall and what's beyond the doors; if you do something unexpected, I may be making rooms while we play; but that should be okay. Until then, Out.

Marcule: Glad to have another gnome.

Lexent: I am just about done, but I have a couple more questions.

The DM: Obviously, I'm distracted. I'll get started on these.
  • How do I change it so that pages are edited by 'Lexent' instead of 'bennettj'?
The DM: I don't think you can, but it shouldn't matter, as long as your name "Lexent" appears on the actual campaign. I could get you set up with a different user name if it's a big deal.
  • What is my HP from body mass?
The DM: Add 4 hp. So, you hit points should be 12 (max 8 from cleric +4)
  • Should I roll for my sage abilities? If not, what values have been rolled for them?
The DM: Do you need help knowing which dice to roll?
Lexent: No, I just wanted to make sure it was my role to do so.
  • I do not see a weight listed for sling stones so I'm not sure how to account for them in my encumbrance. I assume that they can be easily gathered.
The DM: a sling stone needs to weigh 1 oz. This makes it physically 5 times the size of a lead bullet, but the same weight.
  • I am unsure how to calculate the capacity of my backpack and pouches.
The DM: I'm adjusting these things just now, not counting by coins anymore. Your backpack has a capacity of 80 lb. A large pouch has a 6¼ lb. capacity; a small pouch has a 2 lb. capacity. 10 copper coins weigh 0.5 lb. 10 silver coins, 0.25 lb. 10 g.p., 0.125 lb.
  • Are all of the weights and costs of clothing appropriate for gnomish size?
The DM: half the weights
  • A sling is listed as using both hands. This seems to indicate that it cannot be employed while equipped with a shield, but I wanted to verify that the second hand is truly not able to load the stone into the sling while holding the shield.
The DM: you cannot employ a sling and a shield at the same time. In part, that is for game purposes, as a deliberate limit on character power, but it is also because you can't hold a sling and dig in a pouch for a stone at the same time, especially if you're holding a shield over the half of your body you're reaching into; it's just too cumbersome.
  • There are a number of inaccuracies on the Cleric Combat Abilities page that led me to an incorrect understanding of which weapons I could use with one hand. You may wish to look it over at some point.
The DM: I've corrected mace and warhammer, which should need only one hand. A bola needs two hands to shake it out before starting to swing. All the others are correct.
Lexent: The Flail states that it is one-handed on the Cleric Page, but Two-Handed on the Weapons List
The DM: Treat the weapons page as the correct one. I'll fix the cleric page.
  • And finally, It appears that based on my relatively indigent circumstances that I will have to make do with a club, unless a Godentag is somehow available and not shown on in the market, or available for purchase at a different location at some point in my past. I assume that changing my chosen Weapon Proficiency at this point before actually beginning play is acceptable and that the listed 40" club is usable by my character with one hand, as odd as that seems.
The DM: A godentag is a club with a spike hammered through it. An iron spike is 3 g.p. but obviously if it is your weapon of choice you have probably collected a spike somewhere in the 30 years you've spent as an adult, so consider it free.

Also, Vafrandir, I hope you don't mind, but I copied the format for your character sheet That saved me a ton of work. Thank you.

Vafrandir: Glad to be of help!

The DM: In. Working on dungeon.

Lexent: In. Adjusting the last couple of things and making a few final purchases now that I have my weapons and clothing sorted out.

Alexis: Any other troubles?

Lexent: Not so far.

Continued on The Great Hall