Mage 3rd Level Spells

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Spell Range Duration Area of Effect Casting Save Description
Blink self 1 blink/level* transfer up to 20 ft. 2 rounds none allows short teleportation jumps
Cloudburst 20 ft./level 10 rounds* 15 ft. radius circle* 2 rounds none creates a downburst of rain
Detect illusion 10 ft./level 20 rounds/level 10 ft. path* 1 round none discloses the true nature of illusions
Dispel magic 60 ft. permanent 30 ft. diameter cube 2 rounds none eliminates temporal magic in the form of spells and powers
Explosive runes
Feign death touch 10 +3 rounds/level 1 creature 1 action point none provides the semblance of being dead
Flame arrow
Gust of wind
Haste 60 ft. 1 round/level 1 creature/3 levels 2 rounds none doubles the movement speed of recipients
Hold person 60 ft. 4 +1 round/level 3 humanoids 1 round none paralyses persons so they cannot move
10 ft. radius
self special 10 ft. radius* 2 rounds none allows multiple persons to become invisible
Leomund's tiny hut
Lightning bolt 40 +10 ft. per level instantaneous up to 3 targets 2 rounds ½ damage evokes a powerful lightning strike on targets
Melf's minute meteors 10 ft. per level 1 round 25 ft. circle;
1 meteor per level
2 rounds none calls down a collection of meteors to hit targets inside the area of effect
Monster summoning I self 10 +1 round per level 30 ft. radius* 2 rounds none conjures monsters to act as slaves for the caster
Protection from malevolence,
15 ft. radius
touch 6 rounds/level 15 ft. radius circle 2 rounds none creates a circle of protection against magic and attacks
Protection from normal
Slow 90 +10 ft./level 1 +1 round per level 1 creature/3 levels 2 rounds none halves the movement speed of creatures
Suggestion 30 ft. 6 +6 rounds/level 1 creature 2 rounds negates* plants the desire to perform an action in the recipient's mind
Tongues self 10 rounds 30 ft. radius circle 2 rounds none* enables comprehension and communication with languages
Water breathing touch 1 hour/level 1 creature* 2 rounds none enables the recipient to breathe underwater

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