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Welcome to The Juvenis Adventure.

Players, please create a new page for your character, using your character's name as the title. Go ahead and design your page however you want. If you need help dealing with the wiki space, please just ask. I manage by copying what I see on other wikis and using the mediawiki how-to page that I've just linked. Please include a place where you can write what is in your right and left hand.

You'll want to be sure and keep an eye on the recent changes page. That's how you'll know when someone else has added a contribution.

One thing I'm uncertain about is how we can speak on the same page at the same time, without tripping each other up when we try to update. I'm fairly sure we can do this on the discussion page; and though that is private, it can be trimmed and formatted for public consumption later, if need be.

Player Pages