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Level 1 --- XP 4201/4001 --- GP:70 SP:55 CP:94 --- HP:20 --- Current HP:20

Gnome Illusionist / Assassin {1:1}

Male, 26 (Nov 14th,1623 Nanbrun, Village of Enjern)

Height 3’8, 83 lbs

Cat's eye green; hair Jet black, with a slight body wave and youthful; Tan skin

Beauty: Character has a strong jaw, and is also stoutly equipped as a man."

Personal Relationships: Character's popularity is such that lodging anywhere in the area, regardless of the period, is free of cost. The same can be said once the character spends at least six months in any single area.

Personal Magnetism: All hirelings in the character's party improve their morale by 2 if the character is within 20 feet.

Tendencies & Interests: Character has not quite completed their training, and starts game with negative experience equal to 10% of the amount required for 2nd level.


Thaco: 20

  • Dex: 16
  • Int: 15
  • Wis: 11
  • Con: 17
  • Char: 12
  • Str: 15

Health: Character resistant to disease in general; in all cases, subtract 1 point from the chronic nature of a disease, and subtract 2 points from its severity.

Composition: Character's reduces falling and impact damage by 1d6+1, twice per day.

Father was a Furniture maker Legacy: Has the furniture maker ability; the furniture of the character and companion save at +3.

Family: Raised by both parents. Character is the eldest of two siblings, with a brother who is 2 years younger.

Weapons and Armour

AC:8 (Unable to wear armour)

Weapons (3 Proficiencies)

1.Sabre, iron, (light scimitar) 3.64 LBS
Scabbard (sword), sheepskin (includes belt harness) 1.58 LBS
2.Chakram, iron (thrown disk with sharpened edge, treat as dagger) 2.0 LBS 2.0 LBS
3.Blowgun, rosewood (tube for firing light projectiles) 0.25 LBS -- (2)
Dart (blowgun), rosewood (projectile for blowgun) 0.04 LBS -- (24)

Agility: Character requires one more round than normal to load any form of crossbow.

Right Hand: ---- Left Hand:


Choices: Possess credit. Interest equals 1% per month, with a minimum return payment of +3% (so you might as well not return it for three months, when the cost will be the same; the interest compounds after the third month)


Under 16LBS:None --- 17-32LBS:-1AP --- 33-48LBS:-2AP --- 49-64LBS:-3AP --- 65-80LBS:-4AP


Donkey (pack animal, adult)

Saddlebag (large), horsehide (each side 18 in. deep, with 14 in. by 4 in. opening; each suitable for 3,900 coins) -- (Holds 60lbs) 5.03 LBS

Saddlebag (large), horsehide (each side 18 in. deep, with 14 in. by 4 in. opening; each suitable for 3,900 coins) -- (Holds 60lbs) 5.03 LBS


Backpack, cowhide (16 in. deep by 13 in., with 4½ in. opening, suitable for 3,700 coins) 3.10 LBS

Belt pouch (small), cowhide (5 in. deep, suitable for 80 coins) 0.14 LBS

Belt, cowhide (2 in. wide) 0.44 LBS


Daily ration (heavy exertion) (bread, salted pork, cheese, onions, apple, sugar, butter, oil & salt provision for one day of hard labour) 6.00lbs -- (10)

Daily ration (travel) (bread, salted pork, cheese, onions, sugar, oil & salt provision for one day of travel) 4.00 LBS -- (10)

Daily ration (rest) (bread, cheese, beef jerky, oil & salt provision for one day of rest) 2.00lbs -- (10)

Herring (salted) (hard fillets) 1.25lbs -- (10)

Taffy (paper box, 3 in. by 2 in. square) 1.28 LBS -- (2)

Lutefisk: Dried whitefish It is made from aged stockfish (Clay Jars) 0.5 LBS -- (10)

Jug, stoneware (9 in. tall, with handle, 16 oz. capacity) 1.89 LBS

Clothing -- CLO:

Hat(wide-brimmed),calfskin (waterproofed with 5 in. brim) 2.00 LBS

Workman's wear (breeches, loin cloth, shirt) 5.43 LBS

Jacket, Rabbit (tailored) 8.3 LBS

Gloves, lambskin (soft leather, laces at wrist for comfort) 2.00 LBS

Boots (high soft), kidskin (knee-high) 3.80 LBS

Boots (low soft), rabbit (knee-high) 1.93 LBS


Bandage, cotton (4 in. by 72 in., sufficient for one wound) 0.21 LBS -- (4)

Other Equipment

Flint (stone for starting fires) 0.24 LBS

Comb, blackwood (for personal grooming) 0.19 LBS

Dice, ivory (pair, six-sided) 0.02 LBS

Thieves pick, brass 0.06 LBS


  • 3 cherry hematite gems
  • One bridle is fixed with about 3 lbs. of gold gilt & studs, with 50 walnut sized cairngorm gems fixed into it as well.
  • Silver dagger
  • 3 adamantium pieces
  • 1 adamantium short sword
  • Staff of unknown magical power


Chromatic Orb

Phantasmal Figure

Wall of fog

Sage abilities

Puppetry -- (Bard)

Unreality -- (Illusionist)

Talent: Character may add one field of knowledge, without a specialty, from any class other than their own.


  • Snap: Produces the sound of a breaking twig. -- haunting sound
  • Coloured lights: creates globes of illusionary light -- Illusionary
  • Dim: dims an existing light to half strength -- Illusionary
  • Mirage: mask and image to appear as a landscape -- Illusionary
  • Rainbow: Creates a rainbow to compel attention -- Illusionary
  • Two d'lusion: Creates a two dimensional illusion -- Illusionary
  • Thingamajig: Creates a small, useful object which can be used normally. -- Legerdemain
  • Close Wound: Closes an open, bleeding wound, so that it no longer causes a creature to suffer 1 hit point damage per round. Only one wound that a creature has may be closed. -- Person-affecting
  • Nod: Causes the recipient to nod their head involuntarily, as if nodding in agreement or in greeting. -- Person-affecting
  • Firefinger: Conjures an intense flame that has the power to light a lamp, torch, split log, paper, straw, wick, oil-soaked cloth or oil within 1/5th of a round. The object affected will not be fully lit until 1 full round has passed. -- Personal
  • Mouse: Creates a mouse within 10 feet of the caster, which can then run an additional 15 feet in any direction and bite one creature. -- Personal
  • Smokepuff: Conjures a puff of colored smoke that utterly obscures vision. The smokepuff will block line of sight, and creatures caught inside it will be blinded. -- Personal
  • Unlock: Causes the tumblers in a lock to shift, fall or turn into the positions necessary for the lock to be opened, as to enable entry. -- Personal
  • Ravel: Causes stitching and weaving, as in clothing or baskets to fall apart and shed its weave. -- Reversed
  • Chill: Will cool non-living material up to 30 degrees less than the ambient temperature. -- Useful
  • Clean: Cleans surfaces (including cloth) within the area of effect from soil, muck or oil, so as to be glistening, spotless and fresh. -- Useful
  • Freshen: Removes all odor or smell from any material or substance conforming to the cantrip’s area of effect. This includes smells emitting from such sources as a corpse, feces, rotted food, burning sulphur, etc. -- Useful
  • Sprout: Causes acceleration in the germination and growth of magically created vegetable seeds or fruit from existing fruit trees, the primary purpose of which is to produce abundant food after a period of magical tending. The number of seeds or buds created are determined by the level of the spellcaster. -- Useful
  • Tie: Causes any enlongated, flexible material to tie itself around an object of the caster’s choosing, no matter if this is a permanent fixture or something loose upon the ground, or indeed a living creature. -- Useful
  • Warm: Will warm non-living material up to 30 degrees higher than the ambient temperature. -- Useful

Marcule: "I can offer 50g"