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Describes the natural balance existing between the physical body and the character's force of will, through meditation and the manifestation of Qi. These energies are incorporated by the character's consciousness, guiding the healing process and resisting both natural and unnatural attacks that would threaten the character. This philosophical approach highlights the strength of the character's heart, as described by the sage field of which the Way of the Blood is a part.

This concept is called Xin. Xin is an intermeshing of confidence and intention, enabling the character to transcend those limitations which are commonly ascribed to the body. Drawing upon elemental forces existing outside the Prime Material, the character's thoughts compel the body to endure the unendurable and to resist the irresistable. This philosophy enables the character's body to survive by means of the character's force of will.

The abilities below are those acquired by a devotee of the study.


  • Amend Self (sage ability): uses short periods of meditation to restore hit points equal to one day's rest, one time per day.
  • Resist Fatigue (sage ability): through preparation and meditation, enables the character to act continuously for unusually long periods without need of rest.
  • Vitality: resists the effects of disease, fatigue and system shock.


  • Fast (sage ability): foregoes the need to eat as much or as often, or indeed at all, without noticeable effects on the body.
  • Purgation (sage ability): enables the character to rid the body of all poison and toxic substances through meditation.



  • Refuse Death (sage ability): empowers the character's body to continue it's vigor and strength past the moment when death would ordinarily occur.

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