Scratch (cantrip)

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Range 10 ft.
Duration 1 round
Area of Effect 1 creature; see below
Casting Time 2 action points
Saving Throw none
Level cantrip

Produces an annoying itch on the body of a creature for a period of one round. The caster is able to determine the location of the itch, which will in turn have a number of effects.

If the weapon hand is affected, the creature will be –1 to hit with its weapon. If the shield arm is affected, the creature will try to withdraw and free the shield from its arm.

If the torso is affected, the creature will retreat for one turn at a wary stride, withdrawing from melee if necessary. If the head is affected, the creature will roar in anger, and those within one hex of the recipient will be discouraged, requiring that they make a bravery check or abtain from combat for one round.

If the feet or legs are affected, the creature will neither move forward nor backward, but will hop in place angrily, while yet attacking normally.

If the crotch area is affected, the creature will berserk for one round, attacking twice, receiving a +2 to hit with both attacks. The cantrip can be cast on an ally to obtain this effect, but upon the following round the affected being will flee all combat for three rounds.

Creatures without intelligence, or without nerve endings, such as slime molds, will not be affected by the cantrip.

See Person-affecting Cantrips