Suggestion (spell)

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Range 30 ft.
Duration 6 +6 rounds per level
Area of Effect 1 creature
Casting Time 2 rounds
Saving Throw negates; see text
Level bard (4th); illusionist (3rd), mage (3rd)

Improves upon the spell fascinate, in that creatures who fail to save against magic are compelled to do more than simply obey orders; they will also make suggestions themselves, directly aiding or providing service to the caster of the spell — adding their knowledge to the caster's. They may say, for example, “Shall I kill this fellow for you?” They might offer to scout ahead, offer unsolicited information because they know it will be useful or pitch in and help with some task. These things will be done cheerily.

Even if the creature succeeds in the save, the suggestion spell is so powerful that the affected will find themselves arguing why they cannot obey the caster's wish, wasting 3 rounds deliberating instead of taking other action (such as attacking). This effect is spoiled, however, if the affected creature is attacked.

It is extremely unlikely that the creature would agree to "hold back the giant horde for a round or two," unless this were truly practical, as the creature would realize immediately that any such effort would really be wasted. Still, the creature will do its best for the caster, whatever is asked.

Once the spell duration is past, the creature will return to its normal mindset, with no memory of what it's done or said. It will assess its present situation, perhaps now isolated and alone among strangers, and take the best, most selfish course of action that serves it’s immediate needs. In some cases, this might mean continuing to serve the party (in a less forthcoming manner), but more often it will mean an attempt to flee.

Creatures with an intelligence of less than 5 are immune to the spell.