Ultravision (spell)

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Approximate level of illumination provided by the spell.

Ultravision enables the recipients to see natural light that's normally invisible to humanoid eyes, effectively illuminating darkness to the intensity of dusk or dawn — the darkest stage of twilight, after sunset and just before night.

Range touch
Duration 1 hour per level
Area of Effect 1 creature per level
Casting Time 1 round
Saving Throw none
Level illusionist (2nd)

This allows seeing without the need of artificial illumination, even underground. Details are perfectly visible up to a distance of 120 ft. There is not quite sufficient light to read, however, so the spell doesn't permit studying magic books in order to regain spells, or the reading of scrolls in casting magic.

Normal activities can be carried out comfortably, such as making or breaking camp, cooking, tending to the weak or infirm, tending animals, performing work that doesn't need close inspection and the like.

As far as witnessing the movement of creatures at a distance, details become quite indistinct beyond 120 ft. Missile penalties for dusk apply when targeting enemies; beyond 300 yards, it would be quite easy for medium-sized creatures to approach the camp without being seen, though the spell will enable recipients to need proper illumination exactly as it would appear in these light conditions.

Underwater Vision

Recipients of the spell have their underwater visibility improved by 100%, enabling them to interpret shapes very well to a distance of 40 feet (8 combat hexes). Between 41 and 60 feet, all attacks suffer a -2 penalty to hit; this is increased to -5 between 61 and 80 feet. Beyond 80 feet, objects larger than 10 ft. in diameter are vaguely discernable to a distance of 120 ft.