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If you need to contact me you can do so on the e-mail given [here]. I live in Denmark (GMT +1). You can also leave messages on my talk page but I cannot guarantee that I will see them quickly since the notification bar on this page seems to be bugged for me (it always tells me that there are messages no matter what I do).

Blogspot post import

The old blogspot wiki has been exported and reformatted for markup on this wiki. You can download the whole thing [here]. The export is structured such that there is a folder for each post containing three files. (1) a clean text-only no formatting file, (2) a html file to view the post as on the old wiki and (3) a file wherein the html code has been reworked such that it can (for the most part) be copy-pasted verbatim into here and formatting and links will work. The only exception is links to pages that were renamed significantly and images which will have to be corrected manually.