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Vafrandir Saevel is a male elf from Hammerhearth of Finnemar in Ulthua. His eyes are sky blue, his skin is pale nordic, and his hair is russet brown, with luxuriant curls and with a healthy growth.

Personal Life

He was raised by both parents, the eldest of two siblings, with a brother who is 2 years younger. However, they treat Vafrandir with hearty dislike, and while willing to speak, they will do nothing more than provide lodging for the space of a night no more often than once in six months. His father was a rat catcher (+1 saving throw vs. poison). His birthday is November 25, 1633 (making him 16 years old at the beginning of the campaign).

Vafrandir was baptized Lutheran by Father Arven in Treborg.


Fighter 4, veteran

XP 10918
17 12 11 16 16 14
HP 24
HP (max) 32
AC 3 ring mail + shield (small), fir + Wild Hunt pelt
AP 3
THAC0 18
weight 122 lbs.
height 5'3"


Sage Abilities

Animal Training
Camelback Riding 6
Dog Training 5
Falconry 1
Flying Mounts 4
Horseback Riding 5
Mahout 5
Underwater Mounts 10
Judgment 9
Logistics 11
Morale Strengthening 7
Motivation 5
Mastery at Arms
Balance 21
Martial Discipline 9
Puissance 31
Unarmed Combat 19
Athletics 9
Sailing 9
Empowerment 5
Instruction 9
Military Engineering 4


  • Horse Handling I: enables the character to direct the horse or ride at various gaits with minimal skill.
  • Close Drop: reduces the likelihood that combatants will drop a weapon outside of the hex in which they are fighting.
  • Gain Proficiency: character begins with one more proficiency than is otherwise normal.
  • Hereditary Weapon I: character receives a +1 bonus to-hit when using the most familiar weapon of their place of birth.
  • Shield as a Weapon: enables the character to use the shield as a weapon, causing 1d4 damage per hit.
  • Strengthened Arm: the character is able to hurl weapons a greater distance than normal.
  • Balance Load: increases the amount the character can carry over a long distance at the cost of immediate flexibility.
  • Firm Footwork: gives the character improved dexterity checks when fighting on a precarious surface or when using a handhold.
  • Leap to Feet: reduces the number of action points required when standing from a laying or seated position.
  • Mariner Combat: gives the character improved attack while fighting in water environments.
  • Boxing: improves the effectiveness of pummelling when striking with a closed fist.
  • Clinch Fighting: a grappling technique used to eliminate an opponent's effective use of kicks, punches and melee weapons.
  • Bargaining: provides skill at negotiating prices with the seller of goods, in order to obtain a better deal on a transaction
  • Butchering: gives skill at slaughtering, dressing and preserving meat from livestock, game and fish.
  • Dowse for Water: a type of divination employed in locating ground water.
  • Foraging: improved ability to find vegetables, roots, fruits and nuts in a wilderness environment.
  • Herding: provides skill at gathering animals together and moving them from place to place, with skill at mustering.
  • Teamstering: provides skill at the employment of common domestic farm animals as beasts of burden, plow teams or as animals to pull carts, wagons and carriages.
  • Tinkering: gives skill at repairing or strengthening ordinary items.


  • Draw Speed: decreases the penalty incurred by firing a bow more quickly, while improving the time in which a crossbow can be loaded.
  • Feint: the art of causing an enemy to move towards a hex where the combatant does not wish to be.
  • Hereditary Weapon II: character receives a +1 bonus to-hit and a +1 bonus to damage when using the most familiar weapon of their place of birth.
  • Main-gauche: the use of a dagger, rather than a shield, in parrying attacks.
  • Precise Hit: enables the character to break an enemy's weapon or shield as desired.
  • Reduced Proficiency Penalty: the combatant's proficiency penalty is lessened by 1 point.

Weapon proficiencies

  • Shortsword, +1 (background) +1 (strength) to hit, 1d6+1 damage
  • Longsword, +1 (background) +1 (strength) to hit, 1d8+1 damage
  • Spear
  • Longbow
  • Shortbow


Full equipment list on Google Drive

currently equipped
right hand sword (long), iron
left hand shield (small), fir

Other worn/carried

  • breeches, wool cloth
  • doublet, wool cloth
  • loin cloth, linen
  • shirt (men's), cotton
  • cloak, wool cloth
  • belt pouch (small), cowhide
  • belt, cowhide
  • scabbard (sword), sheepskin
  • helmet
  • leather armor
  • gloves, lambskin
  • boots (low hard), cowhide


  • backpack, cowhide
  • daily ration (rest)
  • daily ration (rest)
  • daily ration (travel)
  • gloves, lambskin


2 gp, 8 sp, 11 cp in belt pouch


Elves are naturally effective when using long and short swords, so that they receive a +1 to hit with these weapons. Likewise, elves receive a +1 to hit bonus when using any kind of bow. Elves do not receive this bonus when using a two-handed, bastard or broad sword, nor when using a crossbow. Elves are skilled assassins, clerics, fighters, mages, rangers and thieves. Their presence of mind permits a +1 saving throw against charm spells for every 3½ points of intelligence (+3 for Vafrandir). An elf with an intelligence of 15 would have a +4 saving throw. Elves also possess infravision, being able to see in the dark with relative clarity. Because of their experience moving through the outdoors, non-player character elves possess the stealth ability. Contrary to popular belief, elves do not possess any special abilities to identify secret or concealed doors.

Vafrandir has a natural ability to master and control riding horses, donkeys and mules, regardless of class or training (horse handling I). A touch of luck has marginally increased the character's coin. He starts with one less weapon proficiency than usual. He is overly cautious when it comes to combat, and must succeed at a wisdom check, which may be attempted each round, before entering melee. He suffers from susceptibility to colds. Exposure of any kind to rain or snow in the outdoors will cause Vafrandir to experience cold symptoms. He gains a +2 modifier to saves against frostbite. He is not subject to attacks of opportunity when moving at a stride of 2. He is able to perform handwalking, round offs and side aerials. Vafrandir's misfire cannot result in "friendly fire" if the accidental target is within 20 feet. He has a deep, compelling voice, and his body is firm and toned. Should Vafrandir seek employment, or come into the service of any person, he will receive 30% more than usual compensation.