Vanity (spell)

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Vanity (spell).jpg
Range 30 ft.
Duration 2 rounds per level
Area of Effect 2 creatures per level
Casting Time 1 round
Saving Throw negates
Level bard (1st)

Affects intelligent creatures, causing them to give their attention directly to the caster. For those who fail their saving throw, their focus becomes so intense that they are unable to hear or see anything except the caster. The spell gives no special power to influence the recipients, but it does ensure that anything the caster has to say will be heard and fully understood.

Recipients can be roused out of the spell with a stern shake, pummeling or a direct attack that causes damage. However, anyone attempting to do so must first make a wisdom check, or else be fearful to disturb the affected creature.

If physical action is accomplished, however, the spell will be broken. However, if an intelligence check succeeds, the creature that had previously been under the spell’s power will choose willingly to return their attention of their own free will to the spellcaster for at least another full minute. This is also a possibility once the spell’s duration has run out; several persons, having heard or seen the caster’s message, will remain freely interested if they succeed their intelligence checks.