Door H

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Continued from Dire Wolf Battle

The DM: I have Lexent in 2228 and Vafrandir in 2127. I need to know where Marcule and Pandred are. Assume the movements you made with the chest have been done. I'm judging the chest has been moved off the map.

Pandred: I said I was on the door, so 2027 sounds right.

Lexent Alexis, would you object to me placing links to 'previous' pages (and 'next' ones where they don't exist) throughout the campaign?

The DM: Nope. I'm just lazy.

The DM: I’ll put Marcule in 2128. Action?

Pandred: I open H.

Barracks (a).jpg

The DM: Immediately, the party hears the snap and the rattle of a hundred bone joints snapping into action. The image says it all. Apparently, they’ve been activated by the movement of the door.

The line of black dots are columns separating an anti-chamber from the barracks beyond. On first glance, you count seven skeletons. There are more.

Pandred: Door shut, door shut!

The DM: The door is shut, but let me remind you, these doors don’t latch and they open into the hall; not that secure.

Lexent So they just rest against the frames?

Vafrandir: Pandred, back up and let them come to us, if they will.

Pandred: My thought exactly. Trying to configure us to maximize our frontage and minimize theirs. Alexis, how do those half-hexes work? Can they be fought from/moved through? Is there a penalty?

P: Regardless I step into 2028.

The DM: Your actual size in the hex is exaggerated, to give the impression of the space you control. In actual size, you’re about 2 ft. in diameter, with clothes and armour and whatnot. The hex being 5 ft. in diameter, you can technically fight in a corner hex. However, an open door in the same hex is a -2 penalty, because your weapon’s swing will get hampered by the door’s presence.

P: I was thinking more in line with what would be 1927 and similar, where the space depicted is pretty much exactly 2 feet or so.
The DM: I’ll accept 1927.
Lexent Which probably means they could also move to and fight from such hexes.
The DM: As an afterthought, however, I don't believe 1927 can attack 1926; too slim a connection.
Pandred: I want to stay in 2028, I just wanted to know if that row of hexes was something I should be aware of for the skeletons.
The DM: It is available to them.

Lexent I move to 2126.

The DM: Because of the distance between you, there’s no initiative to roll yet. I will roll initiative when the [first melee contact] occurs.

Lexent Then I suppose we must wait for that to occur. I wait for the door to open.

The DM: Marcule is most likely holding his ground here; I’m going to move the skeletons and set up the next image. Pandred, you opened the door; give me an initiative roll: d6.

Pandred: 4.

Round 1

Barracks (b).jpg

The DM: I roll a 1 for initiative. The first goblin skeleton expends an AP getting the door open, entering 2026, where the door will hamper it. The second reaches 2027. The rest are flowing in behind. Because of their weight, there’s no danger of their overbearing the party. The party can attack.

The DM: Incidentally, the skeletons do not have weapons.

Lexent I attack the skeleton in 2026. Attack: 3. Damage: cau-4.

Marcule: I back up one.

The DM: Don’t roll damage unless you hit AC 7. Marcule, 2229.

The DM: A quick word about skeleton speed; I envision my skeletons working more like Jason and the Argonauts 1963 film; in other words, fast. In the film, they approach slowly, but it’s clear they can move very quickly when they want to (starting 1:59, when they run forward).

Vafrandir: I attack the skeleton in 2027. 20 raw, 23 to hit, 15 on the follow-up critical; 6 raw, 8 dmg, 16 total, cau-8. Yes, I rolled max on both dice. Think I just used up all my luck.

The DM: That’s a smashed skeleton. Do you want to give ground or move forward?
Vafrandir: Hold ground.

Pandred: I hold my swing for the next skeleton to step up.

Skeleton Round 1

Barracks (c).jpg

The DM: Here’s the bad news: the skeletons are willing to attack two per hex. They’re smaller than normal humans and they are not individuals, being magically motivated. So, in the way that more than one rat can fight from the same hex, the goblin skeletons can fight two per hex. Just one more fun thing; think of it as a special ability. If they were human sized, they wouldn’t be able to do it. Can’t get two of them in a partial hex – and additionally, they can’t attack two enemies side by side. Thus, one will attack Pandred and the other will attack Lexent.

2026 throws the door closed, getting it out of it’s hex and attacks the cleric. It rolls a 6 against Lexent, missing.

2027a also attacks Lexent, rolling a 13 and hitting. It causes 4 damage (take-4). This stuns, knocking Lexent back into 2226; the skeleton advances in 2126. I’ll say the other doesn’t, because it attacked first and expended AP closing the door. Another skeleton will roll into 2027.

Lexent How many AP does that expend? I don't see it on the chart and may need to do so next turn.

2028b attacks Pandred, rolling a 1, falling off-balance.

Round 2

Lexent is stunned, but the other members of the party can act.

Pandred Bop for 7+2 hitting AC 8, damage is 2+3, 5, reduced to cau-2.

The DM: Miss.

Vafrandir: I attack the skeleton in 2126. 4 raw, 7 to hit. Sorry, Lexent!

The DM: We simply have to give some time to Marcule. You can't afford to have everyone in.

Lexent I'm most concerned with the hole in our line between Vafrandir and myself.

Marcule: Move to 2227. 16 hit, 4 damage.

The DM: Okay, that’s halved for edged weapon (cau-2), but it stuns, kicking the skeleton into 2125. Marcule, do you want to move into 2126? You have the move, but you are setting yourself up for being attacked twice.

Marcule: I move to 2126.

Skeleton Round 2

the previous image shows a stairway on the left that isn’t there. That’s flotsam that must have gotten accidentally copied; the next image will have the chest in the kennel room removed to; forgot

2027 will move into 1927 and attack Pandred, missing with a 4. There isn’t enough room for it to move past and into 1928.

1926 will move into 2027 and attack Pandred, missing with a 9.

Both 2026 and 2027a will attack Marcule; they both miss, with a 9 and an 11. Marcule’s dexterity saves him from that second attack.

That’s the most they can do for now. I trust the players can follow the complexity of these movements and attacks. Please ask questions if something isn’t clear. This is vastly easier to depict if you’re watching me move the creatures around at a game table.

Round 3

No one is stunned and everyone can act. Lexent, there isn’t enough room for you to attack 2125. But ... Lexent, please read [the first paragraph of this old wiki page] very carefully.

Marcule: Lexent, feel free to use me as a sheild if it will let you get some spells off.

Pandred: Swing on 1927. 7+2 whiffs at AC 8. Damage reduced to cau-2.

Lexent Oh. I had been under the impression from my reading of the sage abilities that I needed amateur rank in dweomercraft to accomplish this and thus had not attempted it. Would I roll once for each skeleton or a single time for the both of them?

The DM: A single time for the both of them. There are several sage abilities throughout the system that allow some ability even if you don’t have amateur status. Deliberately not telling which. But since turn undead was a massive change from the standard character ability, you’re entitled to know.

Vafrandir: I'll attack 2027 (not sure which I'm able to hit). 15 raw, 18 to hit; 6 raw, 8 dmg, cau-4.

The DM: Either. We'll say 2027a as a default. Stuns, sends it back to 1926. You cannot advance into 2027.

Lexent I attempt to turn the Skeleton Nearest Pandred in 2027 and the Skeleton in 2026 Roll: 4. It looks like I Turn as well as I hit.

The DM: ha.

The DM: Joke: at this point, the sound of battle awakens 7 rats that attack from room-c. Being a DM is sometimes much fun. Let's close the game for the weekend. Hate to leave you in mid-battle, but I've got to get off to the store. Don't worry, Lexent; you've got a 55% chance to affect them next round.

The DM: Hm. No sense of humour. Be well. Out.

Lexent In.

Lexent Shame it's a joke. I might do better hitting rats.

The DM: In. I did not see Marcule take a swing this round. Lexent, I think I'll allow you to substitute in for him. Will you please roll a d20 for Marcule and see if he hits the right-side enemy he has?

Lexent as Marcule To Hit: 13 raw Damage: 4 raw

The DM: That hits. cau-2

Lexent Or swinging as not me.

Vafrandir: In.

The DM: trouble getting myself organized; working on the enemy’s turn. Oh, by the way, Marcule's hit stuns.

Pandred: In.

Skeleton Round 3

Barracks (e).jpg

The DM: This leaves skeletons at the start of the round at 2026 (on Marcule), 2027b (attacking Vafrandir) and 1927 (on Pandred). There are two stunned skeletons and three in the background.

So, let’s attack Pandred first. 1927 rolls a natural 1, stumbling against the wall, not hurting itself. Miss.

Vafrandir; 2027 attacks you, missing with an 11.

2026 attacks Marcule. Natural 20, and I matched it AGAIN with another 20. Jeebus. Third roll is a natural 1, but it doesn’t count as a fumble. Marcule takes 1x3 = take-3 damage. Lucky. This stuns and Marcule falls back into 2227. That’s the gap the skeletons need. 2026 moves into 2126, but has attacked before and only engages Lexent in melee.

1926, in the back, moves into 2027 (1ap), enters 2126 (2ap) with its chum and attacks Vafrandir’s right (bodily weapons, 1ap). It rolls a 9 and misses.

Round 4

The DM: Red X’s show the party’s last hits. The orange X shows the skeleton’s hit on Marcule. Heavy lines show movement due to stunning. Stuns on 1926 and 2124 won’t be there after the party’s turn.

Lexent, Vafrandir and Pandred may attack. Marcule is stunned.

The DM: Pandred, this is your third attack in this combat. NEXT round you’ll get two attacks.

Vafrandir: I attack 2126b. 7 raw, 10 to hit. Ah, so close.

positions after the party's move; failed to note that 1927 is stunned

The DM: I just noticed I failed to move the skeletons in 1826 and 1925 forward. Please assume that 1826 has moved into 2026.

Lexent I attempt to Turn the two skeletons in 2126 To Turn: 11

The DM: That’s sufficient; 2126a is tossed into 2025 and the other into 1926. Both are stunned. Requires Lexent’s full move except 1 AP.

Lexent So Turning takes all but 1 AP, not all?

Pandred: Striking the skelly in 1927. 13+1 hits AC 4 for 6+3 reduced to cau-4 .

The DM: Stuns.

The DM: Vafrandir is engaged in melee with 2027, and has used 2 AP, so he hasn’t sufficient AP to move into 2126.

Lexent If I have a remaining AP I close the door at 2125.

The DM: you mean, the door in 2226, to 2125. Understood. It's done.

Skeleton Round 4

following the skeleton’s move; those shown as stunned won’t be after the player’s round

The DM: 2027 will attack Vafrandir, rolling a 7 and missing.

2026 will move forward and attack Lexent. Roll a 19, hits, tak-3 damage. This stuns up to 12 hp, so Lexent is knocked back into 2326.
1926 (not stunned), moves into 2126 and attacks Vafrandir. It rolls a 13, missing. Vafrandir’s luck holds.
No one attacks Pandred. There’s banging at the double door, but apparently the skeleton is stuck behind it.

Round 5

Pandred gets her two attacks; Vafrandir can attack. I’ll wait to see if Marcule shows up ... if not, I’ll have to argue the character backs away into 2229.

Vafrandir: I'll swing back at 2027. 19 raw, 22 to hit; 2 raw, 4 dmg, cau-2. That's more like it.

The DM: Stuns. {For future reference, leaving 2027 for Pandred's second attack, while Vafrandir attacked 2126, would have been a better strategy}

Pandred Well, the guy in 1927 is about to get truly fucked up. First swing is Nat 20 followed by 15+1. Crit reduced from 14 to cau-7. Second swing on him is 9+1 hitting AC 7 for 8 reduced to 4. So...he's back to being a pile of bones.

The DM: Don't misunderstand; it is a good idea to wait until you see the effects of the first attack, before making another. In this case, the first attack destroys the skeleton; the second roll is void, because you wouldn't have made it; BUT ... you are entitled to a second attack. You have expended 1 AP attacking the first skeleton; what do you wish to do now?
positions after the party's move

Pandred: You're right, that's my bad. A stun on the skeleton in 2027 puts them in the doorway at 1926, right? Can I step up and into 2027 and swing?

The DM: Yes, you have 2 ap left, at least. The kill frees you from melee, so it takes 1 AP to move into 2027, and this being you're multi-attack round, it costs only 1 AP to swing. Great being 4th, ain't it? Vafrandir is literally champing at the bit.

Pandred: Excellent, move to 2027 and swing on 2126 then. A 2 doesn't hit anything, alas.

The DM: correct, it’s a miss.

Marcule: (OOC:sorry Mondays are hard.) I attack skeleton B in 2126 18, 5 damage.

The DM: Marcule, damage is halved to cau-2 due to edged weapon penalty. Kills the skeleton on Vafrandir, which had been hit earlier.

Skeleton Round 5

Barracks (i).jpg

The DM: With two skeletons pushing the door open from the kennel in room g. , the last round seriously turned the tide for the party. One skeleton in 2026 turns and attacks Vafrandir, rolling a 16 and finally hitting the fighter. Vafrandir take-2 damage. I don’t believe that stuns.

Pulling it’s companion out of the doorway, the other skeleton in 1926, earlier turned by Lexent, attacks Pandred. The skeleton rolls a 6 and misses.
1925 is trapped behind the other two skeletons, so it can’t get into the room and it can’t attack Pandred. The remaining two push the double door open, but that’s as far as they get this round. I’ve attached small green notes to indicate how much damage the players have caused to specific skeletons already.

Round 6

The DM: Vafrandir can confirm the hit didn’t stun; everyone else can attack or move otherwise. I'll argue Lexent can see the two skeletons pushing through the door if he wants to turn them. Otherwise, they can't be reached easily, until the skeleton in front of them is dispatched.

Vafrandir: Correct, I am now at 21 hp, still raring to go. I may move then, yes?

The DM: Yep. 2126 is in your way.

Marcule: 2126 attack 14. 4 damage. cau-2

The DM: Stuns. kicks the skeleton into 2026. Vafrandir, well noted!

Vafrandir: Waiting until Marcule's attack is adjudicated.

Pandred: Striking the skeleton in 1926 with 17+1 hitting AC -1 for 7 reduced to cau-3.

The DM: Stuns. Technically, 1926 is empty if you want to advance.
Pandred I don't think so. Just holding this corner for a moment.

The DM: waiting on Vafrandir and Lexent. Haven’t heard from the latter in some time.

following the party's move

Lexent Still here. Waiting to see if it will be better to attack Vafrandir's skeleton or Turn the two coming out of the kennel.

The DM: Marcule cleared Vafrandir's enemy; so he can advance into 2126 if he wishes.

Marcule: Nope

The DM: Oh, I meant Vafrandir.

Vafrandir: I move up into 2126, hoping to finish off 2125...and roll a 1. Fortunately, I have Close Drop and roll a 2 for my fumble, so the sword lands at my feet. I roll a 2 for the breakage. Are there any special rules for this sword's breakage chance?

The DM: Until the nature of the sword is properly identified, I’d prefer not to give stats. Your d6 die roll indicates that it doesn’t break. Lexent?

Lexent OK, I Attempt to Turn the skeletons in the kennel. To Turn: 13. I then move to 2328.

The DM: Lexent, because you’ve chosen to turn, you cannot move more than 1 hex. You may move safely into the hex with Marcule, as the enemy won’t be attacking it (they’d get a +2 to hit if they could). You cannot possibly reach 2328. You may not move at more than stride-1 after turning.

Lexent Sorry. I meant 2327. Is that still permissible or is the door in the way?
The DM: counting the door in the way.
Lexent Then I stay put.

The DM: Vafrandir, you see both skeletons before you fall back two hexes; they’re stunned there.

Skeleton Round 6

The DM: After all that, I have one attack. 1925 rushes forward and attacks Pandred. Rolling a 4 and missing.

Round 7

Barracks (k).jpg

The DM: Vafrandir, I would imagine your options are to move into the kennel or attack 2026, closing the door to the left of you. I’ll remind the party than unless you have a way of pinning the double doors closed, the two skeletons will get out and pursue you. Pandred, you’re free to attack.

Pandred: I swing on the skelly in the doorway and whiff, hitting AC 11. I'll hold position for now.

Vafrandir: Is it 1 AP to retrieve my sword?

The DM: Yes

Vafrandir: I'll do so and move up to 2124. I'll not be able to attack, but I can occupy these two for a bit.

The DM: Lexent, you can’t see the two skeletons in the kennel. For both you and Marcule, you’ll have to expend an AP if you want to attack the skeleton in 2026, because the door in 2026-2126 is in the way of 2126.

Lexent How does moving through occupied hexes work?

The DM: remember that the actual size of the characters is much smaller than depicted. There is NO penalty for moving through a hex with a friendly. If you’re in a hex with a friendly, and you’re not trained to defend that hex together (or of a hive mind, like the skeletons), and you’re attacked, then there is a +2 to hit either of you in the hex. All movement is measured by the number of hexes, the stride and the penalties for moving in hexes adjacent to combatants (“melee hexes”).

after the party's move
actual size of characters related to hex

The DM: Hm. The figure isn’t right. I forgot that Lexent is also a gnome. I’ve depicted Lexent as a small human.

Marcule: move to 2126, attack 2026, 7 miss.

The DM: Marcule didn't say so, but he's got the AP so I'll just have him close the door automatically.

The DM: Only waiting for Lexent.

Lexent Shoot. I've just cross posted thrice. Here's what I had It looks as though it will need to change.

Lexent OK. Let's try this. I move (S-1) to 2126 and attack the skeleton in 2026 To Hit: 19-2(door) Damage: 5

The DM: Can’t. Marcule beat you out. Consider Lexent in 2126; what’s the rest of your move?

Lexent Yep. I suppose all I can do is instead move to 2127 and wait to see what develops.

The DM: Okay, working on the next round, last one for today. Changed my mind about putting up a mid-turn image.

Skeleton Round 7

Barracks (m).jpg

2026 attacks Marcule, rolling a 16 and hitting for take-4 damage. That stuns Marcule. Marcule falls back into 2227 and the skeleton advances into 2126.

1926 attacks Pandred, rolling an 18, hitting for take-5 damage. Pandred falls into 2028 (as that’s better than letting herself be knocked into Lexent’s hex, where they’ll be fouled). 1926 advances into 2026.

1826 advances into the hole made by the clearing of 2027 and attacks Lexent, rolling a natural 20. You’re not going to believe this, but it’s another double-20. I actually said, “HOLY SHIT!” out loud. Third roll is an 8. Lexent takes 2x3 = take-6 damage. Lexent falls back into 2228, stunned. Again, the skeleton advances into 2127.

1827, chasing after its friends, rushes into 2027 and attacks Pandred, rolling a 17, hitting again, for take-4 damage. That knocks Pandred back again, into 2029, with the skeleton following her.

Meanwhile, Vafrandir is attacked by 2024 and 2123. The first rolls a 4, missing. 2123 rolls an 11, also missing.

Wow. I don’t know when I’ve ever had a combat like that.

If anyone didn’t follow, I’ll build a blow-by-blow set of pictures if you need it.

Round 8

The DM: Okay, who’s still alive? Anyone in the negatives? No one is bleeding, at least.

Vafrandir, you’re the only attack this round.

Lexent I am at -1, but I don't believe that necessitates a Wisdom check yet.

Vafrandir: I'll try and finish off 2123. 10 raw, 13 to hit; 5 raw, 7 dmg.

Pandred: Not great.

The DM: Where are you at?

The DM: You’re good until you reach -4.

The DM: Vafrandir, adjusted to cau-3; stuns, but 2123 is still with us. It can’t fall back due to the stall fencing behind it.

The DM: It’s post 2pm here; I’m going to wrap this up. Remember I have a doctor’s appt tomorrow, and one on Thursday, so we’ll play Wednesday. That was a devastating round; another like it and I’ll end up killing the party. I can’t believe I’ve rolled three double-20s this last week, and two of them today! Feels like I should apologize ... hah! We’ll have to see. I am sorry to leave you on tenterhooks.

The DM: Out.

Vafrandir: If we survive this, we're coming back down with clubs...

Lexent In.

Vafrandir: In.

Lexent (OOC): Couldn't stand the wait either, huh?

Vafrandir: (OOC) I'm stuck at a computer writing a dissertation all day, might as well jump in!

The DM: Awake, in. Working on the next round.

Lexent: out. Unfortunately called away to a test event. Scheduled for one hour, hope to be back sooner.

Skeleton Round 8

Barracks (n).jpg

The DM: 2127 will move into 2128 and attack Pandred, along with the skeleton in 2028. This will let the skeleton in 2026 advance and attack Lexent. 2126 will attack Marcule. 2024, above, will then attack Vafrandir. Here we go.

2028 misses Pandred with a 3.
2128 misses Pandred with a 15, which is only enough to hit AC 5.
2127 misses Lexent with a 10.
2126 hits Marcule with a natural 20. The follow up roll is a 19, which causes triple damage if Marcule is not wearing a helmet. I don’t see a helmet on Marcule’s character page, so that’s take-9 damage. Marcule’s current hit points for this combat aren’t accurate, as I’ve caused 3 and 4 damage on separate occasions earlier, and now 9. Assuming the number shown, “11”, was accurate for the start of the combat, that puts Marcule at -5 now. I’ll need a wisdom check for Marcule. The skeleton in 2126 advances into 2227.
2024 misses Vafrandir with a 10.

Round 9

The DM: With this round, having fought for 8 rounds, everyone is starting to feel warmer and sweaty. The effective ambient temperature rises from “chilly,” to “brisk” ... given the conditions, this has no effect on your combat at all. These are good working conditions. I just want to point out that there is a difference that will occur every eight combat rounds.

Pandred, by my count, this is your double-attack round.
Lexent, you’re able to turn undead while in melee, but you cannot also attack while doing so (but you can remain in the hex, parrying your enemy). Turning undead isn’t a spell and has no verbal or physical requirements; it only takes your will.
Vafrandir, you’re still facing two skeletons.
after the party's move
Marcule, I’ll need that wisdom check. Also, can I get an accurate shout-out for everyone’s current hit points please?
Lexent I am still at -1

The DM: Given the circumstances, I think it would be best to wait for Lexent to return before completing the round. And we’re also waiting for Marcule and Pandred’s arrival. I believe the party needs a full complement at this time.

Vafrandir: I attack 2123 with 12 raw, 15 to hit; 2 raw, 3 dmg, cau-1.

The DM: you'll be glad to know that's all you needed. The skeleton collapses.
Vafrandir: Whew! On to the next...

Vafrandir: 21 HP

Marcule: Sorry I am at -3 hp

The DM: no need for a wisdom check then.

P- I can be here in half an hour. Sorry for the holdup.

The DM: No rush.

Lexent In. I attempt to turn 2227 and 2128. To Turn: 9

The DM: fails.

Pandred: HROAGH! First swing on 2028. 9+1 hits AC 7 for 1+3 reduced to cau-2. Waiting for results before swing 2.

The DM: stuns, so that 2028 falls back into 2027.

Pandred: Then second swing on 2128. 14+1 hits AC 2 for 4+3 reduced to cau-3 damage.

The DM: Knocks the second skeleton into 2229. Moves? Knocking away everyone has left you alone and not in melee, so no penalties for moving out of the hex. I'll start working on the next round.

Pandred: I think I'll advance to 2028.

The DM: Noted.

Skeleton Round 9

Barracks (p).jpg

The DM: Start with Vafrandir this time. 2024, now alone, attacks with a natural 1. 1 in 6 chance of it breaking a bone, but no effect. the skeleton effectively misses.

2227 attacks Lexent, rolling a 6 and missing.
2127 attacks Lexent, rolling an 11, hitting AC 9. Lexent, sorry, I know you’re following the wiki, but the table under [dexterity] is in error. You’ll notice that the line for “7-14” is exactly the same as the line for “15.” The former should list the AC adj. as “0”. Typo. I’ll fix it as soon as you see the discrepancy. As such, you’re AC 9, and the skeleton hits.
Lexent, take-3 damage. 2127 will turn on Pandred.

Round 10

The DM: Lexent is stunned, but Pandred, Marcule and Vafrandir may all attack. Keep an eye on 2229, as it will certainly attack Lexent next round (though there’s probably little you can do about it.) I've adjusted the damage caused to the skeletons Pandred hit last round.

Lexent: Wisdom Check: 16 As I am down by 40% I believe this renders me unconscious.
Lexent: The highest roll I've made so far this combat, of course.
The DM: good news and bad news. Yes, you're unconscious. But, the skeletons are not programmed to attack moving things first, so ... lucky you?

Vafrandir: I return the favor with a natural 1. Unbelievable. My sword falls at my feet - again - and again does not break (4).

Pandred: Strike at 2027 with 14+1 hitting AC 2 for 1+3 reduced to cau-1 damage. Move to 1927. Let's hope my luck holds.

The DM: destroys it. Damage reduced for how many hit points it had left.

Marcule: 2227 , 16, cau-4 damage.

The DM: destroys. Damage adjusted for same reason.

Skeleton Round 10

Barracks (q).jpg

The DM: Three attacks: 2024 on Vafrandir, rolls an 8 and misses.

2127 on Pandred, rolls an 8 and misses.

2229 is equidistant from Pandred and Marcule. Rolling randomly, 50/50, it advances on 2228 and attacks Marcule. I roll an 11, which hits, for take-1 damage. This stuns, and Marcule is reduced to -4 hit points, and must roll a wisdom check for sure this time. Marcule’s adjusted wisdom is 6. Cornered, Marcule can’t be forced back; there’s no room.

Round 11

Pandred and Vafrandir, you’re up.

Vafrandir: I pick up my sword (Close Drop is a literal lifesaver) and try again. 13 raw, 16 to hit; 1 raw, 2 dmg, cau-1. Better than 0.

The DM: for future reference, 1 raw, +1 for strength +1 for sword = 3 damage; still ends up causing just 1, though. Skeletons. Oh, and doesn't stun.
Vafrandir: Ah yes, slipped up.

Pandred: Muscle into 2128 and swing on 2228. 20! Then 6 for a mere double damage. 4+3 doubles and then halves for 7 damage. Let's gooooooo!

The DM: Had one hit point left. Tremendous overkill. I'll strew its bones across the room to make you feel better. cau-1
Pandred I will let out a mighty roar as the bones clatter against the walls. HROAGH!

The DM: Saving time, I'm going to make Marcule's check for him. I roll a 4. Marcule is still conscious and with us.

Skeleton Round 11

Barracks (r).jpg

The DM: Two attacks: 2024 on Vafrandir again: rolls a 16, hitting for take-4 damage. Vafrandir described his hit points as 21 and that doesn’t stun.

2127 on Pandred misses with a 14.

Round 12

All who are conscious can attack this round.

Pandred: Swing for 12+1 hitting AC 4 for 1+3 reduced to cau-2 damage! Get 'em!

Marcule: Attack 2127 , 15, 3 damage cau-1

Vafrandir: 10 raw, 13 to hit; 3 raw, 5 dmg, cau-2. Have at you!

The DM: Pandred stuns 2127, sending it to 2126. Marcule hits it there. Marcule, can you please tell me if the damage being done is half of 6, or is that the raw-3 damage you're doing?

The DM: Vafrandir stuns also.

Round 13

Everyone can go again.

Vafrandir: 1. I'm switching d20s. Close Drop again saves the day, no break (6).

Pandred: I recommend the Google Dice Roller, because I swing for 20! Then 15. Damage is 3+3, doubled and halved to 6! cau-3

Marcule: sorry none of my damage has been halved i will fix it going further.

The DM: Please give the raw number also.

The DM: Pandred, that wipes the skeleton out. 2127/26 is just bones now. Since this is Pandred's double attack round, that attack only cost 1 AP. You'll have spent one moving to 2127; any further moves at this time?

The DM: Marcule, do want to move? I'll put up a map.

Round 13, after Vafrandir’s miss and Pandred’s kill of 2126, but before Marcule’s move

Pandred: If I advance into 2126 can I throw at 2024 or is the door blocking me?

The DM: See new map. Looks like the door is blocking you.

Marcule: move to 2228

The DM: Noted.

Skeleton Round 13

I’m going to have the last skeleton attack Vafrandir. There’s another 1. No break.

Round 14

I’ll skip a map. Pandred, consider yourself in 2126 if you want. Everyone moves.

Vafrandir: 16 raw, 19 to hit; 6 raw, 8 dmg, cau-3. Ha! Much better.

The DM: That's it. All destroyed.

The DM: I'll work out experience.

Lexent: Breathes an unconscious sigh of relief.

Pandred: Can we get him awake, or do I have to haul our boy out?

Lexent (OOC): I believe healing would provide me the opportunity for another Wisdom check, but otherwise I will remain unconscious.

The DM: He'll need a hit point to wake up.

The DM: I've searched the list for damages done and taken; any I've found, I've highlighted. Please feel free to double check in case I missed one.

Lexent: you actually added an extra cau-4 to me when I reported damage on a miss.

I'll fix it.

The DM: Sure was touch and go there a bit. Here's the final tally.

Barracks XP.jpg

The DM: I'm off to a different doctor tomorrow, so we'll pick up again Friday; and then I am off all next week, as I have a contract to pursue (yes, real money!). But we'll deal with the aftermath of this first. Anyone want to open another door? Heh heh.

Pandred: If somebody carries my weapons I can get Lexent out of here. He looks to be about 105lbs with all his equipment, so if someone takes my shield and battleaxe I can get him. The other one should get that bridle. Get a tiny bit of treasure before we come down for the real goods.

The DM: Take your time and think specifically of anything you want to take with you, not only as treasure but because investigation will aid you in what you're facing. Additionally, it won't hurt to look in the room you've just cleared before rushing out of here. For the moment, you're not under any special threat.

Lexent (OOC): I had strongly considered trying to leave the great hall looking as untouched as possible while leaving things in such a way as to be able to tell if someone else moves about here before we make it back. That said, bringing what we can out of the hole, even if it takes some time could prove valuable. I believe we are but a short distance from the cart and only around 5 miles from town.

The DM: about 1400 yds from the cart. Closer to 9 miles from town.

Pandred: First things first I get Lexent to the surface, shedding my carryables as needed to hoist him up the shaft.

Vafrandir: I'll probably be out on Friday as well. Until then, I'd like to check out the skeleton room - I see a door back there but no interest in delving further at the moment. We have about 1300 lb of space left on the cart, so we can take the chest and leathers. How many swords are there? I'll keep the one I've got, but these others will fetch some gold. We can stack up whatever we don't take back immediately on the surface. How many torches did we use up in total here? Just the one?

The DM: Still here.

The DM: Moving this to Skeleton Aftermath.