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Continued from The Search Continues

Returning to the Great Hall

The DM: Earlier, I posted an image of the whole dungeon that might have given the impression that “F” ended in a dead end. That is not the case. The tunnel was not explored past the broken furniture; you don’t know what lies around the corner.

Pandred: It's been on my mind. I'd like to make sure we throw open every door of the main hall first. At this point, I'm willing to do so simultaneously. This portion of the dungeon appears to belong to the dead and carrion-feeders.

The DM: I look forward to reproducing the effect from Cabin in the Woods.
Vafrandir: There is an underlying theme here, at least!
The dungeon so far

Vafrandir: I am down with that, Pandred. I'll take position on Door (i), remaining are (k), (l), (m)

The DM: Fun

Pandred: One, I love that film. Two, you can't scare me! I will not be intimidated!

Pandred: Gimme l. Helga took a big hit earlier, so she can wait nearby.

Lexent: I move to 2128. "Do we really think opening everything at once is wise?"

Pandred: "If there was a danger, it would have gotten us in the barracks from behind. Should only be animals."

The DM: Okay ...


Pandred: 1, 2, 3, "Hroagh!"

Lexent: Marit in 2127.

Vafrandir: Bjarni is behind me.

Vafrandir: I throw open (i)

Pandred: Opening (l)!

The DM: since I can see only “i”, “k” and “l” opened, I’ll stick with those; the map can wait, since we’re almost done for the day.

“i” is a wet storeroom, with barrels of rancid ale, accounting for the smell. An investigation, however, will show that there are two kegs in the room, one with four gallons of lamp oil (usable) and one with 1½ gallons of vinegar (also usable).
“k” is a toilet. It appears to be full of straw and other compost, so that it can be used regularly. It smells vaguely of vinegar.
“l” (el) is a natural chimney that plunges into the darkness. It has a similar smell to the hole where the rothe are cast down, and there are iron rungs that can be climbed down into it.
no monsters.

The DM: Does anyone hate me yet?

Vafrandir: Not yet but give it time.

Vafrandir: I'll move to (m) and open that as well, Bjarni following.

The DM: you move to touch the handle and your arm loses all of its strength, so that you find yourself compelled to let go.

Pandred: Nice, magical lock. Do Illusionists even get Knock?

The DM: They don't.

Pandred: Ok guys. F or D? Do we think the gobs were sealing themselves into F, or sealing something from elsewhere out of F?

The DM: {OOC} Okay, we’re good. Going forward, I want to warn you that next week should be normal, but the week after is the time of my procedure. The prep is onerous, particularly that last day, and I want to feel warm and fuzzy before going in, so I’m going to go ahead and take that week off. The recovery time is apparently quite short, so I should be back the following Monday. So, the next three days, then the week off, then we begin again as normal.

Pandred (OOC) Sounds like a plan.

The DM: {OOC} Uh, sorry, the following Tuesday. Out.

Vafrandir: Very good. I move for (f). See you all next week! Out.

"F" Hall

Local dungeon with updates

The DM: In. Just to warn you, this is going to be a slow and distracted day.

Lexent: In. Before moving to those 'd' or 'f', if it's alright, let me try a couple of things with door 'm'. I try to open door 'm'. Are the results the same?

The DM: Can't do it. The door is resisting you; even as you try to put your hand on the door, you find you really don't want to.

Lexent: I try to take a lit torch and place it at the base of the door to catch it on fire.

Marcule: does the door feel magical?

Vafrandir: In.

The DM: Can't "feel" magic.

The DM: Lexent, you get the torch lit and you’re standing in front of the door ... but somehow, you can’t seem to move the torch where you want it. You’re just ... stuck.

Lexent: "Well, so much for that. I suggest we work on getting this furniture up to the surface. That chair on top looks nice, we might want to keep it, but I suspect most of this can be used for burning those bodies." (gesturing to the collection in 'f')

Vafrandir: Yes. Let's get to work clearing the blockage. We can stack stuff in the dungeon room to keep it out of the way.

The DM: So, you start?

Lexent: Yes, we start.

Vafrandir: Aye, we start. Sorry, should have made that clear.

First Ghoul

What the hell is that?

You’re in the process of unloading the room, with furniture scattered around, when something unpleasant appears in 2725.

Vafrandir: How aggressive does it appear?

The DM: oh, pretty aggressive. Roll a d6.

Vafrandir: 1

The DM: I won’t rule that as surprise, since I don’t believe you’d be blissfully unaware and not looking for something, even if it was a large spider or a rat nestled among the pile. But ... I will count that as loss of initiative; the ghoul will move into 2526 and “engage” you in melee, without having enough move to swing an arm at you, yet.

Lexent: Does that make it the party's turn?

The DM: Yes, Lexent.

Lexent: I attempt to turn any visible ghouls To Turn: 14

Vafrandir: Have I enough room to swing?

The DM: Have you been moving furniture with your sword in your hand, Vafrandir? Sorry, Lexent, not sufficient.

Ghoul 01.jpg

Vafrandir: No, I'll need to draw.

The DM: Just want to point out that comes first. Larger things take longer to draw, so what weapon do you grab from yourself?

Vafrandir: Club will take a shorter time to draw and time is of the essence. I'll draw that.

The DM: You have room to swing.

Vafrandir: To hit: 6.

The DM: That misses. Do you two want to wait for more participants, or shall we move to the second round?

Lexent: Up to you Vafrandir, I'm okay with either.

Vafrandir: We may as well have another round at least.

Ghoul Round 2

The DM: The ghoul attacks three times, with both claws and head, which stretches out grotesquely from its body and snaps at Vafrandir’s head. The head misses with a 3, the left claw with a 4 and the right claw misses with a 12.

Another ghoul appears in 2725.

Player Round 2

The DM: take your turns. I’ll be about 45 minutes (I’ve got to eat and make two phone calls).

Lexent: I attempt to turn the ghouls, starting with the one engaging Vafrandir To Turn: 15. I then make space, backing to 2126

Vafrandir: If that doesn't turn, I'll attack again. 17 raw: 18 to hit; 5 raw, 6 to hit.

Lexent: If I understand correctly, my turning occurs last in the round anyway.

Pandred: Day got away from me. In.

Pandred: I'll advance to Lex's old position in 2227 if possible.

Marcule: im at the ready but i don't want to throw anything in this tight space

The DM: Lexent’s attempt to turn fails. Pandred enters 2227. Vafrandir successfully hits and stuns the ghoul. Marcule’s line of sight from 2127 is marred by the door.

Vafrandir, do you want to try to hold this corridor or back out with what AP you have left. Stunning the ghoul means you’re not engaged in melee and can stride out.

Vafrandir: Yes! I was hoping for that opportunity. I ask Marit to back up and I stride to 2228.

The DM: Sorry to nitpick. The rule requires you have 2 AP if you want to turn a 60-degree corner. 2228 is TWO 60-degree corners, so would require a minimum of 3 remaining AP. You used 2 to swing your weapon; how many do you have left?

Lexent: Out. Hope to be back in a little bit.

Vafrandir: 3 total, so 1 AP remaining. In that case, Could I get into 2027?

The DM: Yes. You rush between Lexent and Pandred, past Marcule and to 2027 at stride-4.

Ghoul 02.jpg

Round 3

The DM: The ghoul struck by Vafrandir falls into 2627. The other clambers over the furniture into 2426. The players can make their move.

Lexent: Back In.

The DM: Awaiting the players' moves.

Lexent: In the face of what seem to be poor odds, I again attempt to turn the ghouls, closest one first. To Turn: 11. Drat.

Vafrandir: I'll swap my club for my sword.

Lexent: I also back up into 2125

The DM: I'll need Pandred's move for sure before we continue.

Lexent: In what ways does the furniture impact our ability to fight?

Pandred: I'll sit tight, making sure my Battleaxe is ready.

The DM: Lexent, so you know, the open door in 2224 will block your line of sight for further attempts to turn, since you're now in the next room.

Lexent: Yep.

Marcule: Good were I am. "if we can pull the monster out we can have a better crack at it"

Ghoul 04.jpg

Ghoul Round 4

The two ghouls move forward, the nearest one into 2326, where it stands adopt the bench and the chest and attacks down at Pandred (no bonus). The hands roll 7 and 11, and the attempted bite misses with a 7 also. The players are catching a break.

Players Round 4

Act as you’re able.

Lexent: I cast Protection from Malevolence.

The DM: The spell takes the round to cast; you can bestow it on yourself or one other at the start of the next round; I'll allow for you to have gestured at someone you want to approach you in the second before beginning to cast, unless you want to cast it on yourself.
Lexent: My understanding is that once it is cast I will be able to move toward the recipient if it is not myself, and thus be able to choose when I discharge next round. Is this correct?

Pandred: I swing on my ghoulie pal. 15+1+1 hits AC 0, Battleaxe lands for 8+3 11 damage!

The DM: That slaughters it; good for causes 9 total hit points damage for X.P. It flops into 2226, between the chest and the wall.

The DM: Any remaining moves? The other one is going to attack when the players' round is done.

Vafrandir: Nada from me.

The DM: Okay, let's call it. Weigh in if something occurs before tomorrow. My apologies for the delay in the middle. Out.

Lexent: No Problem. Thanks. Out.

Vafrandir: Out.

Apr 27 Real Time

The DM: Good morning. You've all seen the results of my procedure, so everything is good. Around here, we decided yesterday that we're going to change residences come June 1st, so I'll be packing this next month. Shouldn't affect the game until the last week of May, when the shift really starts to happen. I'll try to arrange appts. for non-game days.

Sorry, no I don't have an appt. That was just flotsam from an earlier post.

Ghoul 05.jpg

Ghouls Round 5

Although Pandred hit and killed a ghoul, the one from 2427 advances and attacks. Additionally, two more ghouls appear up the hallway ... and there are sounds of more beyond, now that whatever number exists around the corner has been aroused. The ghoul rolls a 3 against Pandred, missing.

Players Round 5

Pandred, that was your 1st attack of the combat; this will be your second, if you take it. In case anyone might be thinking it, the door into f. can’t be closed, as there’s a chest and a bench in the doorway.

The party may act as they’re able. Don’t forget to specify the actions of your assigned NPC hirelings.

Lexent: In.

Lexent: Are there penalties to moving into or attacking from 2226?

The DM: Yes, I’m afraid so. There’s a chest and a dead ghoul in the hex, along with it being less than half-sized, so I’d have to assign a penalty of -1 for each drawback (normally, the half-size wouldn’t be a drawback, but it’s very full at the moment). So -3 to hit out of that hex.

The DM: In any case, Lexent is in the next room, and the open door to that room can’t be opened further, so you’d have to move into 2126, then Pandred’s hex, and THEN 2224, which would be a 60-degree then a 120 degree change of direction. Stride-1 would be the fastest you could do it. Plus a -1 AP penalty for dodging out of 2227, because that’s a melee hex.

Lexent: I Discharge Protection from Malevolence on myself, draw my godentag, and move to 2126.

The DM: Done.

Marcule: Im holding my position.

The DM: I think it's best to wait for Pandred.

Vafrandir: In. Glad to hear of a promising result from your procedures. I'll hold my turn since I don't think I can get into melee.

The DM: not unless someone wants to throw something.

Bjarni: I will hold as well.

after the party’s move

Lexent: Marit will also draw her axe and close door 'e'.

The DM: Done.

The DM: I think I’ll have to say that Pandred falls back to 2128, leaving 2227 open. That allows either Marcule or Vafrandir to enter, as I’ll rule Lexent has committed himself to other moves. The first who responds, then. Feel free to change your move.

Vafrandir: I'll move into 2227 and attack with my club. 15 raw, 16 to hit; 1 raw, causes 2 dmg.

The DM: That hits but doesn’t stun. Starting the ghoul’s round.

Ghouls Round 6

The DM: Starting with the ghoul on Vafrandir. It mauls the fighter with teeth and claws, the bite missing with a 13 and the left claw missing with a 6. The right hits with a 17, so that Vafrandir takes 1 damage. Before continuing, I’ll need Vafrandir to make a saving throw.

The other ghouls advance over the furniture 2426 and 2526. One may advance further, but it will depend on whether Vafrandir makes that save. A d20 rolled, please. I’ll put up a map when I get the result.

Vafrandir: I roll a 17.

The DM: Saves.

after the party’s move

The DM: one more ghoul appears in 2725, making four altogether.

Players Round 6

Vafrandir is holding the door, so he attacks. The rest of you may act as able.

I think either Asger or Marit would be very tempted to throw an axe; if this works for you, have them do it; if it doesn’t work, please roll a wisdom check for each to keep them from doing it.

Lexent: Marit throws her axe at the ghoul in 2326 To Hit: 8.

Pandred: I'll move to 2027.

Vafrandir: With my club: 20 raw (!) follow up 2; 4 raw, caused-8 dmg.

Lexent: I suppose I can try turning again. Targeting all the ghouls that I can that are still up, from closest to furthest away. To Turn: 11. Still no good.

The DM: Welcome Pandred. There’s so much wood around I won’t make Marit roll to see if her axe breaks. Vafrandir, that kills the ghoul. Do you have a move?

The DM: Lexent, it just takes once to give the party time to regroup.

The DM: Does anyone want to do something like leap into 2326?

Lexent: I think we are trying to draw them out a bit.

Vafrandir: Yes, I'll stay where I am.

Lexent: Marit will happily give ground if either Pandred or Marcule wishes her space.

a split-second before the ghouls attack in round 7

Ghouls Round 7

The DM: The ghouls move up as well as they’re able, and another one attacks Vafrandir three times. This time the fighter is scratched with the ghoul’s left claw, so that he takes 2 damage. I’m sure this doesn’t stun, but again I need Vafrandir to make a saving throw before going forward.

Vafrandir: 19.

The DM: Lucky, lucky, lucky.

The DM: You can still hear ghouls around the corner, but you see no new ones emerge as yet.

Players Round 7

Act as you will.

Vafrandir: Lucky indeed. As we know, my luck runs out slowly then all at once. Attack again: 16 raw, 17 to hit; 3 raw, causes 4 dmg.

following the party’s move

The DM: hah ... you were ready to change the colour of the damage last time. That blow does stun, hurling the ghoul back.

The DM: Any other moves, actions?

Lexent: Attempting to turn again starting with the ghoul in 2526 and then the one in 2426 if I'm able. To Turn: 12

Vafrandir: I'll ask Marit and Bjarni to scoot backwards so I can move into 2228.

Lexent: Marit moves to 2328

The DM: Those are accounted for. Let me know if I can start the next round.

Vafrandir: Ready on my account

Lexent: Mine as well.

The DM: You seem to be all there is. I'll give it ten minutes and then we'll run a last round for the day.

Marcule: im ready

ghouls attack!

Ghouls Round 8

The DM: the ghouls clamber over the bench and crate. One enters 2227, while the other leaps onto the crate in 2226, throwing the door closed to the kennel. Because the ghoul has clawed feet and a natural gracefulness, it has no penalty when attacking from the hex ... but it only has time to swing a single claw at Lexent with the AP it has left. It misses with a 5.

The other attacks Marcule with its right claw and Vafrandir with left claw and bite. The claw hits Marcule with a 13, causing 2 damage.

Vafrandir is struck with an 18, feeling the creature’s fangs scratching his wrist, causing 1 damage.

They’re not going to move again, so I can move onto the party’s move. I’ve marked the one Vafrandir hit and didn’t kill with a “-4” marker for damage done. I will need a saving throw from both Marcule and Vafrandir.

Players Round 8

The others can act; Vafrandir and Marcule must make save first, and have that save confirmed, before taking any other action.

Lexent: I attack the ghoul in 2226. To Hit: 12 Damage: 2+4=6.

Lexent:{OOC} And I have a meeting at 2, so, unfortunately, out.

The DM: Miss. Better luck tomorrow.

Vafrandir: 19.

The DM: That's a save. Until tomorrow. Out.

Marcule: I roll an 18 for save

Lexent: In.

Lexent: I'm not sure where torches are at this point, but Marit uses her action to get as far along in the process as she can of retrieving a torch, and lighting it if its not already lit.

The DM: In. Let's have both Helga and Bjarni holding torches, giving plenty of light. But please scratch two torches from your stores.

The DM: I need Marcule and Vafrandir to attack. And please have Asger throw an axe at the ghoul on Lexent. I believe that’s Marcule’s fellow.

Lexent: So, I suppose Marit can move into 2229, retrieve the lit torch from Bjarni, and move back? If correct, she does so.

The DM: Yes that's fine.

Pandred: Marcule or Lex, I'm willing to swap places whenever things get too hot for you.

Lexent: There's technically a spot in 2327, not sure if it will incur penalties or not.

The DM: Table is in the way and must be moved.

Marcule: 20 for me i roll a one that makes it 2 damage *sigh* 4 for Asger

The DM: writing on your phone, aren’t you Marcule? Okay, just to be clear. That’s a natural 20 rolled (I assume you rolled a follow-up d20 to see if damage was triple). 1 for damage doubled causing 2 damage. And Asger rolled a 4 on a d20. Again, no need to roll if the axe breaks.

The DM: Pandred, let’s not wait until 11:30 again. Vafrandir will fall back to 2229; feel free to jump into his hex and swing your second attack this combat.

The DM: Oh, Marcule’s 2 damage doesn’t stun.

following the players round 8 moves

The DM: Actually, Pandred, you’ll need 3 AP to get into 2228, not leaving you enough to attack.

The DM: Anyone?

Lexent: I'm still here.

The DM: Forgive me if I hold this up; we're going to need more people.

Lexent: Yes, please. I would not last long without the rest of the party.

Pandred: I'll swap into Vafrandir's space. No AP, but at least I can take the swings.

Marcule: (OOC) Sorry I am having computer issues here. doing my best to fix it. i am still here.

Ghouls Round 9

The DM: The ghoul in 2226 tries to maul Lexent, hitting with both claws: a 17 with the left and a natural 20 with the right. The critical is only doubled. The left claw makes Lexent take 1 damage and he takes 4 from the right. Lexent, I’ll need a saving throw from you, and please let me know if the 4 damage was enough to stun you (stuns up to 16 hp).

The ghoul in 2227 swings with right claw, hitting with a 15; Marcule takes 3 damage. I’m fairly sure that stuns and Marcule needs to make a save.
The same ghoul swings at Pandred, missing with both bite (11) and claw (2).
I’ll need an answer to whether or not Lexent or Marcule are STUNNED before I can put a new map up and finish my round.

Lexent: To Save: 16+3=19. Yes, I am stunned.

Lexent: Is Marcule still under the effects of the potion?

The DM: Yes, which I forgot about. So he's fine. Though I still need a save.

Vafrandir: In. Sorry about this morning, got stuck at the lab.

Lexent: Oh, good, You can probably fill the gap I just likely got pushed out of.

the ghouls have attacked and moved

The DM: The ghoul stunning Lexent moves into 2126; the one from 2426 moves on top of the crate in 2226. That’s the ghoul’s turn.

Players Round 9

The DM: Removing bones to make the ghouls easier to see.

Marcule, before attacking I need that d20 saving throw first!
Pandred can attack. Asger will pull Lexent into 1926 and Helga will attack from 2027. Sorry to intrude, but it just makes sense. Pandred is rolling for Helga?

Vafrandir: I move to 2028.

The DM: This looks like the backfield shifting sides.

The DM: If Marcule blows his save, I’ll let you retcon that move, Vafrandir.

Marcule: 10 for save

Pandred: My swing is a 1. Break roll is 1 in 8, rolled 2. Not ideal.

after the party’s move

Lexent: There's our standard luck.

The DM: I looked at the close save rule, and it only says the weapon doesn’t fall into an enemy’s hex. This puts Pandred’s weapon in 2327.

The DM: Marcule is +5 on saving throws against this attack. Lexent, you should note the gnome page yourself to see what your bonus is. Marcule saves. And can attack.

Lexent: Did I not calculate it correctly at +3?
The DM: Marcule had forgotten about the gnome bonus, I just wanted to be sure you hadn’t (not looking too closely, just trusting you). You’re right, you’re +3.

Marcule: i attack 2227 ....10 miss

The DM: Who’s rolling for Helga?

Lexent: It should be Pandred.

Pandred: It is. Does she have a throwable? If not I'd rather she held her weapon to step in if needed.

Lexent: She just stepped into 2027 to do so.

The DM: Helga is in 2027 attacking 2126 in hand-to-hand combat.

The DM: Can’t wait forever. Rolling for Helga, she gets a 14 and causes 3 damage. Stuns.

The DM: The stunned ghoul falls back and is thrown into 2226. Working on next round.

after the party’s move

Ghoul Round 10

The DM: The non-stunned ghoul in 2226 moves forward to attack Helga. It rolls a 5 and a 4 with its bite and left claw, but hits with a right claw. Helga takes 3 damage. Pandred, if you could please roll a d20 saving throw for Helga. She falls into 1927, hitting the door and closing it. The ghoul is out of AP.

The ghoul in 2227 attacks Marcule with a right claw, hitting with a 16. Marcule takes 3 damage. With the potion, he can take that.
Pandred gets a claw and a bite. The bite hits with an 18; Pandred takes 1 damage.
I’ll need a saving throw from Marcule and Pandred also.

Players Move 10

Depending on saving throws, those that save and all others can act as they will. Pandred, remember your weapon is still in 2327.

Pandred: I get a 15. Helga gets a 3.

Vafrandir: I move into 2027 and attack. 16 raw, 17 to hit; 2 raw, caused-3 dmg.

Pandred: 15 makes it for me I think. I'll pick up my axe and swing. An 8 whiffs at AC 9.

The DM: That exactly kills it, Vafrandir.

After the party’s move; sorry, missed Marit's move here, but it will be on the next map

The DM: Misses, Pandred. Does make save for you. PLEASE make save for Helga.

Pandred: I did. It was a 3.

The DM: Sorry, sorry.

The DM: Pandred has to move into 2327 to get her axe. She has tremendous strength, so she can kick the table out of the way into 2228. There’s still room for Bjarni to get into it, moving into 2228, getting around the table. He’ll do so without being asked. Vafrandir, I believe that’s you.

The DM: Helga falls down. She’s paralyzed.

Marcule: 15

The DM: That must be Marcule's save. Please state as much.

Lexent: I attempt to turn the ghouls. 2126 followed by 2226. To Turn: 15.

Vafrandir: One moment, looking up Bjarni's bonuses (if any).

Marcule: 13 to hit causes 2 damage

Bjarni: I attack the ghoul in 2027. 9 raw, 9 to hit; 6 raw, 6 dmg. I assume a miss.

Lexent: Marit moves to 2028

The DM: Yes, a miss.

The DM: It’s 1:42 but I’m going to do one more ghoul’s round before quitting today, and be on call for the player’s turn, if you can hang around. Working now.

The DM: Important Marcule's roll stunned. 2227 is clear. Does anyone want the hex?

Pandred: I'll take it.

after the party’s move

Ghoul Move 11

While players are considering if they want to move into 2227 ...

The one ghoul moves into 2126 and attacks Vafrandir. Misses with all three attacks.

Players Move 11

The DM: Pandred gets two attacks; do them one at a time, Pandred, in case you get a chance to kill both ghouls from your position; indicate which one gets attacked first.

Marcule and Vafrandir can attack 2126. Asger will grab Helga’s axe. All other moves as persons wish.
Marit can move again; the move shown was from last round.

Pandred: Swing one on 2326. 5 is a miss. Swing two on 2326. 19+2 hits AC -4 for 4+3 7 damage.

Lexent: Is attacking from 2026 to 2126 feasible or is the chair in the way?

The DM: That kills it Pandred. You're good for causing 5 damage.

The DM: 2026 is feasible. The chair is low so won’t be an issue.

Lexent: I move to 2026 and attack the ghoul in 2126. To Hit: 3.

Lexent: Feasiblity != Viability.

Lexent: Is there anything Marit can do to assist Helga?

The DM: Seems to be well and truly paralysed. No knowing how long at this time. Marit can wrest the shield out of her hand.

Marcule: 16 to hit causes 1 damage.

The DM: Stuns it. Pandred, swing again; Lexent and Marcule too. Vafrandir can have two swings; we'll see if we can kill this thing.

Lexent: I attack the ghoul in 2126. To Hit: 12.

Lexent: Out

Pandred: A 4 says no kill for me.

Vafrandir: 6 raw, 7 to hit. No dice. 3 raw, 4 to hit. Ha! Luck ran out.

Vafrandir: Out.

The DM: Okay, I'm out too. Perhaps Marcule can get it sorted Friday.

Lexent: In.

Vafrandir: In.

The DM: In. We'll see if Marcule appears.

Marcule: ooc: Appears out of nowhere) 19 to hit. 3 damage

The DM: Marcule killed it. I'll work out x.p. and have it soon.


The DM: Please let me know if I missed something and I'll recalculate:

Ghoul XP.jpg

Lexent: Level 3!

Lexent: I take Aid, Augury, and Hold Person. For Hit points I roll a 6. Adjusting Thac0 and rolling sage abilities now.

Lexent: Could you update the Hold Person spell on the wiki when you get a chance? It currently has the details for Augury and my computer sometimes has issues accessing the old wiki.

Vafrandir: Math is good for me.

Vafrandir: Our first attention should be Helga. Can anyone examine her? I don't have the skill.

Lexent: I take a look at Helga to see what I can do. "Vafrandir, can you still hear anything coming from that hallway?"

Lexent: That gives me authority in Medicine and Amatuer in Outer Planes

Pandred: Nice.

The DM: Very good luck on those d12 rolls, Lexent. I’ll skip making rules for the sage abilities attached to medicine until you need them, if that’s okay. Set Injury is probably the priority. Outer Planes is initially an understanding of how they work; the matter of Transmogrification will come up if someone in the party dies. If there’s any specific plane of existence you’d like to know about, I can build up a page for it – but for the moment, it’s not a priority for me. If you ask, however, I’ll start work.

The DM: Helga ceases to be paralysed after six rounds. Rationally, the detoxification knowledge you have would suggest the paralysation lasts for 2-8 rounds before it fades. I don’t think treat disease will let you improve that, but perhaps I should add that as a skill for expert-level. It takes Helga two full rounds to accumulate complete flexibility.

The DM: I think your hirelings will busy themselves getting the furniture out of the way in case there’s another rush. You can still hear the sound of ghouls coming from up the hallway.

Continued on After the Ghouls