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See the Main Page for the introduction of the Juvenis Campaign.

The DM: Introducing Rowan, a male half-elven druid. He's the first character of the Juvenis campaign.

{speaking to the player} having rolled your ability scores, they're adjusted for age and race. Rowan's 33, so he adds a point of strength and a point of constitution; he also loses a point of con due to his being half-elven, but he gains a point of dexterity.
Ability Score
Strength 15
Intelligence 13
Wisdom 16
Constitution 14
Dexterity 14
Charisma 16
As a druid, he has a d8 for hit points. At first level, this is always the maximum, so he starts with 8 hp. He weighs 124 lbs., so that gives a d6 for his mass. I have to roll this. I get a 4. That starts Rowan off with 12 hit points. His birthplace is Egersund, just 40 miles south of Stavanger, on the coast of Rogaland.
His maximum encumbrance is 120 lbs., so that he doesn't suffer any movement penalty when he carries 48 lbs or less. His natural armor class is 10 and he has a THAC0 is 20.

Character Abilities

The DM: Rounding out the character:

  • Spells: as a druid, choose three 1st level druid spells. The player should look them over, ask any questions, pick three, let me know when that's done.
  • Druid Sage Abilities: choose a field and a study in that field. There are three fields for a druid to choose from; once the choice are made, we'll calculate Rowan's knowledge points. Because Rowan's background included a tutor as a parent, he gets a +2 bonus to his in-field studies.
Rowan's character background
  • Notes on your background:
Large creatures are anything over 350 lbs. in size.
a healing salve cures hit points.
The conduct that got you banned from inns and taverns might have something to do with your druidism; feel free to invent your own explanation.
You have to be alone to surprise 3 in 6.
You have no constitution bonus, but you will still reduce frost and fire damage 1 point, one time per day.
As yet, I've not imposed any travelling effects/damage, so you need not worry about walking and riding while armored - but that day is coming.
The DM: Note: the day never did come and I don't think it's going to. I'm removing this result from my background generator.
The ability to "pacify" is in reference to my old conflict interactive mechanic; let's say you have an opportunity to parley once more before combat occurs, when you make a charisma check.
The DM: This too went the way of the dodo.


Pandred: My spells will be Shillelagh, Entangle, and Animal Friends. I'll be choosing Earth & Sky as my field, with Natural Astronomy for my study. For my two weapon proficiencies I'll take Spear and Club.

The DM: Rowan's original sage abilities are unfortunately lost.

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The DM: The next character introduced will be Aleksandra Ivanovna (character).